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Visual Storytelling & Illustration Techniques

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Learn the process of creating compelling illustrations for your motion design work. Illustrator Sara Wong teaches you her process of pulling out the emotional content of a story and creating compelling visuals that are beautiful. Learn better illustration techniques for your motion.

Improve your illustration skills

Making beautiful illustrations can help the overall quality of your work. Moving past circles and squares can be a difficult step for many motion designers, but this course is designed to help you with that journey. We want to give you a process driven approach to create your own original illustrations for your motion work.

Storytelling with visuals

This course is not about the basics of illustration but rather the principles of storytelling with illustration. Our goal is to help motion designers become better visual artists. Sara has a process driven approach to thinking through the subject and creating visuals that tell the story.

Intermediate level course

If you’re a total beginner to design and illustration this may not be the course for you. Sara is going to skip past some basics and get into the important aspects of taking your illustration work to a deeper level. She has and emphasis on tone and emotion and will help you create more compelling illustration work.

Course content

What you'll learn from this workshop

If you are interested in creating more compelling and beautiful illustration work, then this course is for you. This is an intermediate course and total beginners should start with our PSD & AI 101.

Tools & Workflow

Photoshop is a powerful tool for creating pixel-based artwork. This module will show you the fundamental processes you need to know including; Clipping Masks, Shape Layers & Texturing.  

Color Theory & Reference

Telling your story through strong visuals also means using color to communicate a specific tone. In this module, Sara will walk through her theory of color palettes communicating in specific ways. 

Flora & Texture

We’ve covered some basics so let’s make a digital painting. In this module, Sara will show you her process of pulling and curating references. She will then illustrate a plant scene complete with texture and color.

Visual Concepts

Here Sara will go to Pencil and Paper to start working on her final scene. Starting with a word list, she’ll think through the underlying concepts that translate into the visuals. Then she will show you her process of sketching compositions and concepts.

Digital Illustration Workflow

With our composition done Sara will show you the process of creating a digital illustration. Using her techniques she’ll show you how to create a beautiful and textured illustration that tells the story of her underlying concept. 

Prep For Animation

With the illustration finished, Sara will show you how to prepare the artwork for Adobe After Effects. Simple naming and organization inside of Photoshop is an important part of taking your Illustrations into After Effects for animation.

Course Preview

Sneak peek of the course

This workshop is all about learning how to creating beautiful visual imagery for your motion work. Illustrator Sara Wong will walk you through her process and invite you to follow along.


What do our students say?


Sara Wong

Artist & Illustrator

Sara Wong is an illustrator located in the San Francisco Bay area. She has worked on a number of illustrations for magazines, articles, and book covers.

She graduated from the Communication Design program at Washington University in St. Louis and is obsessed with teasing out and amplifying the emotional undertones of stories big and small.


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Have questions?

We’ve got you covered. Check out the answers below or visit the help center for anything else.

Why this course?

Too many motion designers can’t get past making flat work with simple shapes. Telling stories with more emotion and tone can require more illustration skills. This course is designed to help motion designers who want to create more beautiful and relevant illustrations for their motion.

Is there A Live forum?

Yes. Registering for this workshop will give you access to the MoGraph Mentor slack forum. There you can ask questions, post work and share resources with the wider community. 

What will I know by the end?

How to go from concept to beautiful illustration for your motion. You will have a process to find the key emotion in your concept and how to create visuals that match. You will understand how Sara creates textured illustrations and prepares them for After Effects. 

What Software Do I Need?

To follow this course, you only need Adobe Photoshop. We recommend using a graphic tablet. Pencil and Paper are also good to have around you.

What level do I need?

To finish this course, you’ll need some basic illustration experience. This is an intermediate course and is about a better process and principles such as color theory, posing and composition. If you’re looking for a beginner course on illustration, we recommend watching our free course on PSD & AI 101 first.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

When does it start?

Right when you sign up! This is an online course which is available right when you sign up.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

Can I communicate with the mentor?

Yes! Join our slack forum and ask questions directly. 

"For me, everything comes back to the story. I could make things beautiful all day, but does it tell the story? Does it communicate the right way?"

-Sara Wong

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