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Stylized Characters in Cinema 4D

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Learn how to create stylized 3D characters from scratch in Cinema 4D. This course emphasis re-creating the full workflow of creating a 3D character. Modeling, UV unwrapping, texture painting, rigging, and animation. You will walk away from this course with technical knowledge of C4D and the ability to make appealing 3D characters from scratch.

Stylized Characters in C4D

Learn to create stylized 3D characters from scratch.

Course Format: On-Demand Training

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Software: Cinema 4D

Duration: 35 Lessons

Assignment: Multiple Characters

Prerequisite: None

3D Characters For Beginners

Creating 3D characters from scratch is one of the most difficult 3D processes. In this course, we will be looking at all the steps in correct order to learn how to create great 3D characters from a beginner perspective.

Empower Your Own 3D Portfolio

This course will help you understand the full process of 3D character creation to unlock your creativity. You will walk away from this course with technical knowledge of Cinema 4D, and the ability to make appealing 3D characters. 

Learn The 3D Character Pipeline

In this 3D character course, we will cover everything. You will be able to create, animate and render original characters that are UV unwrapped and properly rigged. You will learn how to light and render shots to take full advantage of texture painting and the unwrapping process.

Included in this course

What you'll learn

Create your first 3D character from scratch in Cinema 4D. Hands-on training through the full workflow of creating 3D characters in Cinema 4D.

You will start by doodling out a simple character design directly inside of Cinema 4D.
The doodle paint tool is a useful way to block out a design right in the 4-panel view. You can do this with a mouse, or if you have a Cintiq, that’s even better!

With a rough design in mind, you’ll move on to proper modeling working. You will start with a cube and sub-divide it to keep your scene light and manageable. Use edges, faces, and point to mold our mesh into place. Learn to create a clean topology to help streamline the rigging process.

After polishing your geometry, you will learn how to UV unwrap your model. This process, done by creating a UVW tag and using edge loop selection process to place your UV seams, will lay the groundwork for the texturing.

With our unwrapping done, you will learn to texture your character.
Use your creativity to create a visually appealing character, using the projection painting feature in Cinema 4D.

Learn to rig your character using a spline, converting the points to joints, and then using the Spline IK tag to enable a spline IK rig. Create smooth interpolations between joints to give smoothness and dynamism to your rig — a useful technique for many situations.

You will learn to set-up a nice atmospheric scene to stage your 3D character. You’ll use physically accurate light sources and global illumination to achieve a professional look to your character and streamline your rendering.

Once your scene is complete, you will learn to animate your 3D character. Using the doodle paint tool, you will block out the flow and spacing of your animation. Then you’ll learn how to control your rig and animate it with keyframes to achieve a beautiful looking shot and a nice animation.

Learn to use global illumination in a specific way with the physical renderer to get a nice clean result. You’ll learn to render a sequence that we can bring into After Effects for a final composite and color grading.

In this bonus training, you will quickly create a simple character capable of teaching you a simple approach to modeling, rigging, texturing and lighting. You will also learn how to add a final retro finish to your 3D character using composite in After Effects.

Learn the usefulness of the Pose Morph Tag by building a quick stylized mouth rig. The potential of the this tool is massive for stylized facial features and morphing or transitional animation.

Doing blocky and stylized heads is a popular approach to 3D characters.
In this chapter, you’ll focus on modeling in that style and looking at the best approach to get there quickly.

You’ll finish this course by looking at building custom arms with a graphical style. With the ability to parent your rigged arms to simple shapes like spheres, you can create fast and simple rigs in a graphical style.


Sneak Peek

This beginner course is all about learning to master Stylized Characters in Cinema 4D. Take a look at a free preview lecture from the course.


Michael Jones

Artist & Animator | CEO - Mograph Mentor

Michael Jones is an animator, designer and VFX artist. He is also the founder of MoGraph Mentor and has a passion for creating clear and detailed, educational materials for motion designers everywhere.

Michael emphasizes the role of core disciplines in the development of every motion designer. Without an understanding of art, design and animation, a modern artist may be relegated to the status of technician. It is an emphasis on fundamental understanding that inspires Michael’s courses, as well as MoGraph Mentor at large.

Michael Jones


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Stylized Characters in Cinema 4D

Learn the complete approach to 3D character creation
for beginner to intermediate level.

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Have questions?

We’ve got you covered. Check out the answers below or visit the help center for anything else.

Why take this course?

This course is designed to help artists create original 3D character rigs. You will learn to model, unwrap, paint, texture, light, and animate 3D rigs. You’ll even finish your images in Adobe After Effects. You will learn the entire pipeline from polygons to pixels.

What will I know by the end?

Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animating, and Rendering 3D characters in Cinema 4D. You’ll learn how to create models, scenes, materials, environments and render them out as animations.

What level do I need?

You need some basic knowledge of the Cinema 4D interface. You will see each step in the process, but we won’t be covering basic navigation of the interface. 

How Do I get a Cinema 4D License?

You can use the 30 day free demo of Cinema 4D, if you don’t already have it. Download the trial here : https://www.maxon.net/en/try

Is there some animation training included in this course?

Yes! You will learn to keyframe and polish using the graph editor and dope sheet. You will learn to animate with total control over your keyframes.

When does it start?

You can start the course as soon as you enroll in it. Learn at your own pace and go back to previous videos as much as you want.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

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