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Stylized Characters In Blender 3D

Blender 3D


Learn to model, rig, texture, and light appealing 3d characters in Blender 3D. Remington a.k.a SouthernShotty on Youtube will teach you his tips and tricks and share his character workflow in Blender.

This course will take from A to Z on characters in Blender.

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Learn to model your characters in Blender 3d. This course will cover the modeling of our worm rig and astronaut. This way you can start simple before modeling the more complex astronaut. 


Blender shines at rigging these stylized characters. Remington will show you exactly how to rig characters quickly and easily. He’ll walk you through the use of bendy bones and weight painting.

Texturing & Lighting

Bring your characters out of the greyscale and make them beautiful with your own shaders and UV map. Paint your character details directly in Blender and move quickly into lighting with real time rendering.

Course content

What you'll learn from this workshop

Learn to create appealing and stylized character in Blender 3d. After this course you'll go from pencil sketch concepts to fully modeled, rigged, textured and lit characters.

Modeling Characters

You will learn the hard surface modeling techniques available to you in Blender 3d. You’ll learn to manipulate your models and ensure your geometry is ready to be rigged.

Rigging Characters

Learn the incredible rigging tools of Blender 3d. You’ll learn to use the bendy bone system and have full control over your worm rig. We’ll use a more traditional rigging workflow for our astronaut character.

Weight Painting

This is not an animation workshop, but we will need to move our rigs around and see how the weight painting looks. We will make adjustments based on the pushed poses we think we might want later in animation.

UV Unwrapping

We will quickly get our models set-up for texture painting so we can make custom beautiful shaders. This is a powerful workflow that gives you control over the look.

Texturing Painting

Remington will show you how to quickly add painted details to your characters. We can create beautiful, hand-painted looks directly inside Blender!

Lighting & Final Shaders

Finally, you’ll learn to light your characters to examine how our shaders look. Once we start lighting the scene this is the end of our look development process and our scenes are ready for animation.

Sneak Peek

Course Preview

This intermediate course is all about learning to create original Stylized Characters in Blender 3D. Watch this full lecture of the workshop down below.


Remington Markham

Creative Director & Animator

I’m a motion design: art director, animator, and illustrator with a love for all things 2D and 3D. When I’m not working with clients, I am a creative director at MoGraph Mentor. It’s a blessing to be part of the motion design community. I enjoy teaching others in MoGraph Mentor, Skillshare, and Youtube courses with a focus on character design and animation.

If you catch me away from my computer, I’m probably hiking, volunteering, or traveling with my lovely wife and spoiled dogs.

Mentor Remington Markham


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Stylized Characters In Blender 3D

Learn to model, rig, texture and light appealing 3d characters in Blender 3D. This course will take you from A to Z on characters in Blender.

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Have questions?

We’ve got you covered. Check out the answers below or visit the help center for anything else.

Why take Stylized 3d Characters in Blender 3D?

This course is designed to help Blender users who have some experience but want to make more dynamic work. If you want to create appealing, stylized characters like you see in this course then you’ll enjoy this workshop!

Is there A Live forum?

Yes. Registering for this workshop will give you access to the MoGraph Mentor slack forum. There you can ask questions, post work and share resources with the wider community.

What will I know by the end?

Modeling, Rigging, Texturing, and Lighting in Blender 3d. We have a character focus in this course but overall you’ll learn about using Blender 3D more effeciently.

What level do I need?

This 3D characters training is best suited to artists who already have a comfortable grasp of Blender 3D interface. You can find a beginner course here to get your skills up to speed to follow this course comfortably.

Do you provide a license to Blender?

You can download Blender 3D for free on their website:

Is there some animation training included in this course?

No. This course focus on modeling, rigging and lighting your characters in Blender 3D. However, we are giving away animated scenes from the characters made in this course.

When does it start?

You can start the course as soon as you enroll in it. Learn at your own pace and go back to previous videos as much as you want.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

Can I communicate with the mentor?

Yes! Join our slack forum and ask questions directly. 

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