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Joey Judkins

3D Character Modeling & Rigging

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Learn to create your first original 3D characters in Cinema 4D. This workshop, created by artist, Joey Judkins, will teach you to model and rig original characters in Cinema 4D. You’ll also learn how to set-up the rig for animation.

3D Character Modeling & Rigging

Create your first original 3D character

Course Format: On-Demand Training

Skill Level: Intermediate

Software: Cinema 4D

Duration: ~9 hours

Assignment: Mira Character

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of C4D


Master 3D Character Creation

Bring your work to life with 3D characters in Cinema 4D. This workshop will show you step-by-step, how to go from character design to a fully rigged 3D character. This process can be mastered by anyone and it provides the power to make your characters a reality on screen.

Learn The Rigging Process

Rigging in Cinema 4D is a powerful workflow that every 3D artist should know. It applies to creating characters but has even wider applications. Once you master the joint tool, binding, and weight painting, you’ll see that you can shape and animate geometry in any way you want.

High Quality Training

We brought 3D artist, Joey Judkins, to MoGraph Mentor HQ to film this workshop. We’ve created a training series that is clear and concise. Along with this workshop, you’ll have many C4D files to download, including the Rig at each stage of production. This way you can jump into each part of the process.

Course content

What you'll learn

If you are interested in 3d character design, this course is for you. Go through the process of modeling, rigging, weight painting, and animating characters in Cinema 4d.

Before jumping into Cinema 4d we need to give ourselves a model sheet to work from. This means coming up with a simple design and doing a model sheet that acts as a guide for our 3d modeling process.

You’ll be provided with Joey’s model sheet so you can follow along with his modeling of Mira.

Jumping into Cinema 4d to start the modeling process. We’ll be doing what’s called “Box Modeling.” We start with a simple cube and use modeling tools to create subdivisions and start forming our torso shape.

Then we’ll walk you through the modeling of a hand with a very simple approach. 

We’re off and running with our model and we now continue to the head and facial features. Keeping our base model simple and using a subdivision surface will allow us to work clean.

We’ll then add details like the hair, eyes, and mouth.

By now you’ll understand the basic modeling workflow and best practices of edge flow and topology. We continue with our box modeling approach to create the lower body of the character.

Using simple tools we’ll create the waist, legs, and feet as the final step in modeling.

Our mesh is modeled and it’s time to build the skeleton of joints that will become our rig. Using the joint tool we’ll start from the waist and work our way towards the fingers.

You’ll learn how to work symmetrically, so you’re not repeating steps for each side of the body. 

The joints are in place, we’ve binded them to our character model, now we must refine the weights of each joint. This is the final step before we can build controllers for the rig.

The important part about weight painting it to work clean and with an eye towards the poses your character needs to achieve.

You made it through weight painting! The fun part is only moments away. Before we can animate our character we need to build controllers so that our base joints stay clean.

Using nulls and splines you’ll create a custom set of controllers to drive the animation of your rig. 

Accordion Content
We couldn’t let you go without animating the rig. In this final section of the workshop, Joey will animate a walk cycle. We want you to understand how to animate your controllers and adjust an animation in the dope sheet and curve editor.We worked hard to build the rig, so now we get to have some fun with animation.

Course Preview

Sneak peek of the course

This workshop is all about learning to create original 3D characters in Cinema 4D. From the sketch phase to a rig you can animate, this course will teach you every step of the way.


See what students are doing

Student Rodolfo Martins

"Honestly, just a perfect step-by-step course on building any kind of character to be rigged and animated in Cinema 4D! Love it!"

Rodolfo Martins

Designer & 3D Illustrator


Joey Judkins

3D artist & Animator

There are lots of names for what I do: motion design, animation, 2D/3D work, compositing. But I prefer to say I’m an Animator.

If it’s related to animation or motion design in any way, I can jump in and help tell the story you’re looking to tell through video media. 

I’m proud to say I’m located in Columbus, Ohio and am husband to a beautiful wife and father of three crazy (adorable) children.

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Extra Feature

Meet Mira!

Download a fully rigged 3D character

Included in this course

MoGraph Mentor’s first 3D rig is ready to animate. Included in this course is the fully rigged character we call, Mira. She is ready to go so you can practice your 3D character animation skills.

“Mira,” Model & Rig Provided At Each Phase Of Production

Mira is available for download for those who take this workshop. She is available in each phase of the workshop. So if you want to skip the modeling phase and just focus on rigging, you can do that. Or if you want to skip joint layout, and just practice weight painting, you can do that too.


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3D Character Modeling & Rigging with Joey Judkins

In depth training on 3D modeling & rigging in Cinema 4D.

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Have questions?

We’ve got you covered. Check out the answers below or visit the help center for anything else.

Why this course?

This online course is a guide to creating 3d characters in Cinema 4D. Bring your characters into the 3rd dimension by modeling and rigging your unique characters. With so much 2D character work, having this skill set will help your portfolio stand out.

What will I know by the end?

How to create fully rigged characters in Cinema 4D. How to animate that character using the controllers you’ve built for the rig. How to model original characters with proper edge flow and topology.

What Software Do I Need?

To follow this course, you only need Cinema 4D. Joey is giving you all the files needed to start your project and speed up your learning process. Maxon offers a 14 day trial for Cinema 4D, here.

What level do I need to follow this course?

To finish this course, you’ll need some experience working with Cinema 4D and understand its basic principles. Being familiar with the interface is enough.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

When does it start?

Right when you sign up! This is an online course which is available right when you sign up. We encourage students to take 1 week per module, but may work through it all faster.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

“I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained.”

– Walt Disney
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