Alongside our core motion design program, we also offer additional resources and course materials. View our new campus platform and browse our other offerings. With courses like Motion Design 101, Mastering Character Design, Classical Animation, we are seeking to offer more support for students around the world.

Foundational skills of design & animation

Michael Jones

Are you totally new to the field of motion design? This then online course is designed for you. This will provide you with an overview of the disciplines you need to study to master motion design. 

We’ll look at animation and design principles and how they relate to motion design. We’ll also get you up and running with project files and software demos. This is a beginner level course.

Michael Jones

This course is dedicated to get motion designers up to speed on using Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator. These two programs are capable of an insane number of uses across design, photography, animation, compositing, processing and formatting.

This course will cover drawing, digital painting, mixed media design, flat vector illustrations and more.

Steven Savalle

This course is for those who want to become better illustrators. Learning to draw with proper perspective and shading is a useful skill for motion designers who want to make more detailed work.

In this online course Steve Savalle will walk you through perspective drawing, shading basics and using real analog tools to improve the look of your sketches.

Grow as an artist, advance your craft

Henrique Barone

Learn traditional animation using Adobe Animate from animator Henrique Barone. Unlock your 2d work by understanding the process of traditional animation in a vector based software. 

Henrique will walk you through 3 projects that will help you understand his entire process.

Karen Kuo

Karen Kuo is a Visual Development Artist at Dreamworks TV. In this course she will focus on developing a scene painting. This workshop is for anyone who wants to create better artwork and illustrations for their work.

Karen will also show you the fastest way to develop scenes with convincing environments. This means getting more confident with Adobe Photoshop.

RObert Huth

This 9 week workshop serves as a roadmap for understanding the discipline of character design. Starting with a foundation in basic draftsmanship and progressing to figure drawing, we will take a multi-week journey in exploring this discipline. 

You will learn basic drawing techniques and hear from the world’s top character designers at Design Animation Studio.

Colin Hesterly

Colin Hesterly is a director with an emphasis on animation and motion design. He has directed spots for many of the world’s biggest brands. This course is all about his approach and process to directing ads and pitching clients.

Along with Director Colin Hesterly you will work through the entire process of scripting, storyboarding and designing.

Sara Wong Illustration For Motion Design Workshop

Sara Wong

Illustration For Motion Design

Understanding the workflow and mind-set of creating illustrations for motion design execution. Illustrator Sara Wong, will show her technical process, but also discuss her process/mindset in crafting visual art that communicates the associated subject matter.  

This online course is for those who want to create more compelling artwork for their portfolio.

Cinema 4D has no secret for you

Joey Judkins

Character Modeling & Rigging in Cinema 4d

Bring your work to life with this character modeling and rigging workshop from Joey Judkins and MoGraph Mentor. You’ll learn everything you need to know to create an original character in Cinema 4D.

Joey will walk you through each step in a clear and concise manner. Once you understand this process you’ll be able to unlock the power of Cinema 4d’s rigging tools and create compelling characters.

Jesus Suarez

Guide To Octane & Photoreal Rendering

This workshop is dedicated to photoreal rendering and texturing in Cinema 4d and Octane. This workshop, created by 3d artist, Jesus Suarez, will provide models and textures and teach you how to achieve photoreal rendering using the Octane Render engine.

This workshop is for beginner to intermediate level users of Cinema 4d.

Paul Mcmahon 3d Modeling Cinema 4D Workshop

Paul McMahon

Stylized 3d Modeling in Cinema 4d

Creating high quality 3d models in Cinema 4d depends on understanding a set of tools and a specific workflow. In this workshop we will show you how to master this process.

Paul McMahon of the RustedPixel will walk you through his 3d modeling process so you can unlock the potential of your 3d work. Go beyond basic shapes and start creating more complex 3d models.

Paul McMahon Mastering UV Textures (C4D) Workshop

Paul McMahon

Mastering UV Textures in Cinema 4d

Making beautiful textures for 3d is the fastest way to give your work an original look. This workshop is dedicated to UV Texturing workflow. Go from 3d to digital painting and back to 3d, for final light & render.

Paul McMahon of the RustedPixel will walk you through his UV texturing process so you can unlock the potential of your 3d work.

Handel Eugene Mastering Cinema 4d Workshop

Handel Eugene

Mastering Cinema 4d

Do you have the basics of Cinema 4d down? Do you want to make your 3d work more compelling and dynamic? If so, then this workshop was created for you.  

This workshop created by artist Handel Eugene, will guide you through his processes and show you his techniques. You will also learn how Handel incorporates the highest quality standards of art, design and photography into his 3d work.

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