Mentor Spotlight: Nidia Dias

By Michael Jones

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Freelance Art Director and 3D Designer, Nidia Dias, is one of the mentors you’ll work with in our mentorship class, Advanced Visual Storytelling. Nidia has worked with several big companies including Nike, ESPN, and Samsung. Currently she’s living in Porto, Portugal where she works remotely with several different studios around the world.

Nidia Reel Cover

Nidia on mentorship

Nidia has been a mentor with us for a couple of years. We asked her what she likes most about being a mentor,

“What I like about being a mentor is being able to share the journey with the students and having the opportunity to see them flourish.”

Nidia on her favorite project

When asked what her personal favorite projects she’s worked on Dias responded, “Uhh, tough question. I would probably say either the MS365 or the Project for the Australian Chamber Orchestra.” The Australian Chamber Orchestra is a project Dias worked along side with Martin Gunnarsson.  “The music for this piece is entitled “Tabula Rasa”, and the music touches a bit realm of a divine creature/figure. So for this piece we wanted to create our own divine creature that was mainly created with strings so it could fly following the music.” She said in an excerpt on her portfolio.

Nidia personal project

The concept for the MS 365 was a fresh approach of 3D animation for their new software. “The look and feel of the project was heavily inspired by Microsoft Fluent Design system. Having that in mind, we tried to create visual metaphors that would represent each feature that Microsoft wanted to showcase.”

Nidia on upcoming semester

We asked Nidia if she has anything she’d like to say to new students signing up for the workshop,

“We will dive into direction and storytelling for abstract motion pieces where we will understand what guides a story.”

There is still time to sign up for this 9 week mentorship class that starts May 17th! Reserve your seat now.


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