Mentor Spotlight: Mathijs Luijten

By Michael Jones

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A freelance Motion Designer and Director from the Netherlands, Mathijs Luijten, is one of your mentors for the summer Advanced Visual Storytelling mentorship. This 9 week intensive mentorship is filled with live lectures, live critique and building projects with 3D & 2D animation. Mathijs has been in the animation industry for 10 years. He has worked full-time at creative agencies and animation studios including Achtung, Woodwork and Buck. 

Mathijs on mentorship 

Mathijs has been mentoring with Mograph for over 3 years now. We asked him what he liked the most about mentoring,

“I enjoy sharing the tools I learned over the years to help people tell their stories and realize their video ideas. Giving insight into industry standards and the way I approach creative challenges myself. It’s always refreshing to see what animation students are inspired by, to see how they perceive the industry from the outside and the stories they want to tell.”

Mathijs on his favorite project

Mathijs has an extensive array of 2D animation projects capturing a range of emotions from fun playful shorts to deep trippy loops of geometric shapes that you can’t look away from. We asked which one was his favorite that he’s worked on,

“I have a weak spot for TED talks, I just think it’s so amazing that industry leaders share their ideas. That’s why this video I did for TedX is still my favorite pieces. It was amazing seeing it on the big screen in the Sydney Opera House and hear all the inspiring talks. I also love the very rough graphic style of the video, which was reflected in the animation style, all compressed into an eclectic 10s journey that feels strangely smooth at the same time.”

Mathijs on the upcoming semester 

With the semester beginning over the weekend we asked Mathijs if he has anything he’d like to say to the new students,

In the class you can ask me any question about the videos I’ve made so far in my career. I’ll give you insight into how it was made both on a conceptual level and/or the production techniques I’ve used. The music video I recently made for Tycho is a great example of a project that I have much “behind the scenes” documentation of and ready to be shared with you all! 

There is still time to sign up for the 9 week summer mentorship with Mathijs Luijten. Reserve your seat this week! 


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