Mentor Spotlight: Colin Hesterly

By Michael Jones

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Our mentorship class for Art Direction & Creative Execution helps you grow as an artist and master the workflow of style frame production. One of the mentors you’ll be working with is Colin Hesterly, a California native, who’s a Director and Illustrator within the animation industry. Colin is an award-winning artist with a creative focus in 2D Animation and character-driven narrative. His work spans from artistic fields, to TV & Film Titles, short Films, and commercials developing content for companies including Disney, American Express, and Nickelodeon. 

Colin’s director work 

Colin has directed several art pieces from commercials to personal work. Below is a collection of some of work in his director’s reel filled with seamless transitions lining up with his sound design and compelling composition.  

Colin on mentorship 

We asked Colin what he liked most about being a mentor with mograph, 

“Mentorship is all about connection for me. I love meeting new students and watching their work blossom. I’ve been with Mograph Mentor since almost the very beginning, and I still chat with students from my very first class.”

Colin on his favorite project 

Colin’s range of storytelling within his short films earned him 6 different Staff Pick’s by Vimeo. We asked him what his favorite project was,

” I am most proud of my short film, Nautilus. You might even call it a visual essay. But it’s full of all the things that get me going, an inspiring story that emotionally moves you, all wrapped up in a bit of nostalgia.”

Colin on the upcoming semester 

We asked Colin if there is anything he’d like to say to new students signing up for this mentorship class,

“I am ready to have some fun! Without proper design, your animation won’t ever reach it’s full potential, no matter how slick you are with keyframes.”

There is still time to sign up for the 9 week summer mentorship class with Colin Hesterly that starts May 17th. Reserve your seat now! 


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