Karen Kuo, Dreamwork artist, Visual Development in Adobe Photoshop

By Michael Jones

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Visual Development artist Karen Kuo, currently of Dreamworks TV, has put together a new workshop presented by MoGraph Mentor. This 6 part workshop will give an introduction to the concepts and techniques of visual development. She studied at Art Center in Pasadena, California and is currently in production with the team on Kung Fu Panda, Paws of Destiny.

Her portfolio is filled with beautiful work covering characters and environments. Check out a small sample of her style.

We are happy to announce a brand new workshop called, Introduction to Visual Development, which is designed to help motion designers and illustrators become more confident in crafting visual styles for their work. This workshop will cover the artistic and technical processes involved in crafting compelling visual development.

This workshop will cover Karen’s process of doing visual research as well as executing artwork in Adobe Photoshop. We want you to understand best practices for creating original artwork in Adobe Photoshop. 

Visual development with Karen Kuo, working on her illustration

This workshop also comes with examples from a course apprentice, who will be working on the same homework as you. This will help you follow along. 

Visual development with Karen Kuo, apprentice work

This workshop in Visual Development is for beginner and intermediate level artists who want to improve their visual development process and technical understanding of creating artwork in Adobe Photoshop.

You’ll find this online workshop easy to follow and edited into bite-size videos that make it easy to search through. 

Visual development with Karen Kuo, course curriculum


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