Reasons To Add Motion Design To Your Skillset

By Michael Jones

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The motion graphics industry is everywhere right now, whether it’s a short social post or an involved training video. In recent years, the rise of digital media means motion design is essential to marketing and promotion. That trend has only accelerated as devices, and networks get faster. There are many reasons to add motion design to your skillset. Here are just a few.


Who wants to advertise with a 2D static image when you can attract far more customers with a dynamic, animated piece of marketing? The same principle applies to digital ordering kiosks in your local fast-food restaurant. And what about streaming services such as Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Disney+? Motion design will be a big part of that burst in creative activity. Motion designers with skills will be at the forefront.

Motion design is very high in demand. The popularity of video means the demand for it will increase. Whether it be explanation videos, tutorials, or animated advertisements—motion design increases engagement, creates conversation, and drives traffic through multiple communication channels.

The movement also helps to bring stories to life. It can improve the effectiveness of campaigns and spark emotion and trust in the brand.

New Skills

If you start to enjoy motion graphics, you can move from a graphic designer position to a fully specialized motion designer. A visual skill set will carry over from 2D static imagery, mainly working with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator files, to a career of working with After Effects, Cinema 4D, and other emerging software and technologies.

If you’re already a software sharpshooter, it will be easier to carry your skills into the motion design realm than starting fresh. With the proper animation fundamentals training, everyone can be on the same plane in this exciting career.

Where Can I Learn Motion Graphics?

Well, you could go to a design school and get a four-year degree. But, that’s not feasible for most people who have already embarked on a professional career. Very few people have the money to drop out of the working life and use that amount of time and money for such an endeavor.

Enter MoGraph Mentor as the practical, online alternative to the four-year art school. Suppose you’re new to the industry and looking to build a solid and broad foundation. In that case, we recommend exploring our selection of foundational animation courses to give you the skills you need to find a place in the industry. You can even try out the world of motion design with our free courses.

These are just some of the reasons to add motion design to your skillset. So, when you think you’re ready to give motion design a try, contact MoGraph Mentor to explore the online learning options open to you.


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