How to create a stylized 3D fridge model in Cinema 4D

By Michael Jones

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In this free chapter preview from our Ultimate Guide to Stylized 3D Modeling with TheRustedPixel, you will learn how to create a stylized 3D fridge model in Cinema 4D.

In these lessons, Paul McMahon will walk you through his process from start to finish and share tips to create a clean and easy to modify 3D model.

So far I am learning a lot and feel so much more comfortable modeling. [...] I also want to thank Paul for having a fun style kitchen. It has so much style to it, it's not just a plain square kitchen. This style gives us so much to work with and learn with.
Lysa Cline
Excellent workshop, not the typical "click this, change this value to 3" Paul goes into detail about what he is doing at each step and shows different ways of doing the same thing.
Ash Barnish
This class was amazing. Paul's style of teaching is incredibly easy to follow and a lot of fun. I now have the confidence to tackle much more complex modeling problems and the confidence that I can achieve amazing results.
Patrick Campbell
And that’s how it’s done! We hope these lessons gave you a better understanding of how to create a 3D stylized model in Cinema 4D. Now it’s your turn. Using the same tips Paul just shared, make your own fridge, and share it on social media with #mographmentor, and tag @mographmentor and @therustedpixel. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Paul McMahon


Creating high-quality 3d models in Cinema 4d depends on understanding a set of tools and a specific workflow. We will show you how to master this process.

Paul McMahon of the RustedPixel will walk you through his 3d modeling process so you can unlock the potential of your 3d work. Go beyond basic shapes and start creating more complex 3d models.

If you’re looking to step up your 3D game, or get a better handle on the foundation, be sure to check out Ultimate Guide to Stylized 3D Modeling and Introduction to Design & Animation. Each course get you unlimited access to inspiring lessons with hands-on projects where you can get feedback from our community and mentors.


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