Paper Animation Technique In Adobe Animate

By Michael Jones

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Paper animation technique in Adobe Animate.

This tutorial covers how to animate a piece of flying paper in Adobe Animate. This frame-by-frame animation has a simple technique to follow and uses animation principles to create a convincing look. In this free training, you’ll see exactly how this paper animation was made in Adobe Animate. 

Here at MoGraph Mentor, we love great design and animation, and we encourage our animation students to do frame by frame to grow their skills. As part of that mission, we are creating easy-to-follow tutorials to help kickstart motion designer’s ability to incorporate Adobe Animate into their workflow. Of course, the foundations of animation principles are still vital for frame-by-frame animation, but for those with an understanding of those principles, getting over the learning curve of Animate is an important step. Our hope is this exercise, the paper animation technique in adobe animate, is a helpful way for people to get more comfortable with this software.

Adobe Animate is a vector-based animation tool that motion designers can use to create assets for their work in Adobe After Effects. Motion Graphics is a big field and there are so many styles available to each production team. Doing frame-by-frame animation, with the traditional hand-drawn approach, is a popular style for good reason. The final result of frame-by-frame is a hand-made feel that separates itself from keyframed animation in After Effects. 

In this tutorial, we’ll cover how to set up guides for animation spacing and drawing the paper. We’ll use these guides and apply basic animation principles to create the paper animation. We’ll also add a pattern to the front of the paper to further sell the effect. Then we’ll duplicate the artwork on our base asset to create multiple pieces of paper in flight. This will give us a final animation that looks dynamic and playful. 

If you want a full master class on traditional animation, check out our course with world-class animator Henrique Barone.


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