Creative Ways To Strengthen Your Resume

By Michael Jones

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Applying to that new animation or graphic design job is intimidating, whether you have 20 years of experience or are starting your career. Building a strong resume is one of the best ways you can make yourself shine as a candidate and nab interviews. Discover creative ways to strengthen your resume that can help people with a diverse range of skill levels.

Add Some Color

You don’t have to transform your resume into a Picasso painting (unless you believe it might work), but a few splashes of color here and there can help it stand out, especially in creative industries. While you should use it sparingly, choosing one or two colors to highlight distinct portions can bring attention to the parts you want to draw focus. If a company has brand colors, you should consider using those colors throughout your resume.

Include Graphics

You can display your creative talents directly on your resume. Including a graphic or two, especially if you created them yourself, can help emphasize distinct sections. For example, you could include a small image of two hands shaking directly next to a skill that says “team player.”

Start With a Career Summary

Most people who check your resume will usually only give it a few seconds of their time. That means you need to get to the heart of what you’re trying to say as rapidly as possible. Place your primary selling points at the top of the page to highlight your credentials to potential employers right away.

Stick With a Consistent Format

Many companies use ATS (applicant tracking system) software to search through all resumes before reviewing them. To improve your resume’s success in these systems, use a consistent layout and aim to highlight talents using bullet points whenever possible. You should also upload your resume rather than copying and pasting it, if you have the choice, to keep your original formatting.

Whenever you use creative ways to strengthen your resume, make sure it still looks as professional as possible. If you feel that your creative skills are lacking, consider taking online classes to help boost your resume and portfolio.

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