We call them Iggy and Bo.

Start practicing your 3D character animation skills with these free, premium cinema 4D character rigs.

Designed and modeled by Michael Jones with rigging magic provided by Joey Judkins*.

*Learn to rig your own models w/ Joey’s training. 

These rigs are part of our Cinema 4D Character Rig Database, which also contains free Cinema 4D character rigs from the entire community. This is an effort to create and share character rigs in Cinema 4D, so more of us can learn 3D Character Animation. We believe Cinema 4D, especially after the R21 release, is a fantastic tool for 3D character work!

You can use these rigs in your personal work and we’d love to see what you make!

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Each rig does come with its own lighting set-up, just switch on Global Illumination and you’ll have the scene ready to render. The lighting in the scene is driven by a luminance channel of a texture, placed on a sky object.

For Iggy and Bo, you’ll find just a few controllers to you don’t get overwhelmed. These rigs were built for beginners to 3D character animation. We suggest starting with Bo if it’s your first time doing 3D character animation. He is a simple ball character with a squash and stretch control, so doing a ball bounce is a great place to start.

Iggy is a bi-ped ball rig with a control panel for his eyes, squash & stretch, heel lift, and toe lift. This is meant to be an intermediate Cinema 4D character rig that’s free so you can practice. Getting better at 3D character animation requires good rigs you can animate quickly and cleanly.

Take a closer look at some of Iggy’s control panels below.

Please enjoy these free Cinema 4D character rigs! We hope you can ease into 3d character animation as a cinema 4D user. We intend to build up the Cinema 4D Rig Database since as Cinema 4D users we don’t have many rigs set-up for animation that are free but also high quality.

If you want to contribute a free rig to the database that others can use please reach out to [email protected] and we’ll get your cinema 4D character rig added to the database.

If you make an animation with either rig tag us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @MoGraphMentor.

Enjoy and happy animating!!


Premium Cinema 4D Character Rigs

These rigs are part of our Cinema 4d Character Rig Database. This is an effort to create and share character rigs in Cinema 4d, so more of us can learn 3D Character Animation.

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