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Play around with this chicken rig with three different animations:

  • A walk-cycle
  • Squash and stretch
  • Funny egg animation

Start practicing your 3D character animation skills with this free, premium blender character rig.

If you want to create your own stylized characters in Blender, check out our dedicated course by Remington. This course will teach how to model, rig, texture, and light your own 3D characters in Blender.


Blender is a powerful, and free, 3d platform. With new tools and a real-time rendering engine, Blender has become a premier tool for 3d artists. 

Remington Markham uses Blender to create beautiful 3d worlds with appealing characters. In this workshop he’ll walk you through the process of modeling, texturing, rigging, and lighting in Blender.

You can use this rig in your personal work and we’d love to see what you make!

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Blender Chicken Rig

Enjoy this free chicken rig in Blender. Play around three animation loops to learn more about 3D character animation in Blender.

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