Resources For Motion Designers

Professionally created and curated collections of high-quality rigs, materials, textures, models, and scene files for 3D artists and motion designers.

Elevate Your Mixed Media Design Work

Handcrafted, drag-and-drop design assets across media types. This Studio Art Asset Pack is for any motion designer who loves that mixed-media style.
700+ High-Quality Assets, Animated Loop, 11 Media Categories, Ready for After Effects, Photoshop, and C4D


More Free Resources

Remington Markham


Start practicing your 3d character animation skills with this free, premium blender character rigs.

MoGraph Mentor


If you’re new to Cinema 4d, having free 3d models can be very helpful. Download and play with shading, lighting or animation.

Michael Jones


Practice 3d character animation with these free, premium rigs made for Cinema 4d. These rigs will help you work your way from simple, to more complex. Bo, the ball, is rigged for advanced squash and stretch controls. Iggy, our bi-ped ball, is rigged for more advanced poses with tons of controls.

Michael Jones


This Cinema 4D scene file comes ready to go with an animated mouth rig. This is useful for practice or to deconstruct.


Why this library

MoGraph Mentor is dedicated to the support and development of motion designers around the world. This resources page is our next step in supporting the right kind of development for 2d and 3d artists.

Resources & Overview

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Free Gouache Texture & Simulation Scene File

This free texture and scene file are available for personal or commercial use. This is a Cinema 4D scene file, and a texture file with Color, Normal & Glossiness textures.

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Worm Rig in Blender Featured Image

Worm Rig in Blender

These rigs are part of our Blender Character Rig Database. This is an effort to create and share character rigs in Blender, so more of us can learn 3D Character Animation. We believe Blender, especially after the 2.8 release, is a fantastic tool for 3d character work!

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Animated Texture Toolkit

This toolkit contains basic elements like animated textures, paint builds and sound effects. A jumpstart for gritty 2d work.

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C4D Scene File Archive

These free 3d models are intended for beginners who want to practice with Cinema 4d. Having some free 3d models is a nice jump start to practice texturing, lighting and rendering.

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Cinema 4d Mouth Rig

This rig is part of our Cinema 4d Character Rig Database, and is meant for practicing mouth animations using the pose morph tag on this custom modeled mesh.

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Premium Cinema 4D Character Rigs

These rigs are part of our Cinema 4d Character Rig Database. This is an effort to create and share character rigs in Cinema 4d, so more of us can learn 3D Character Animation.

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