Sekani Solomon : Star Wars Short Film, Cash App & Technical Skills

By Michael Jones

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In this episode, we spoke with 3d Artist and Designer, Sekani Solomon. Sekani has worked with students in the 9-month motion design program and has been a big inspiration to the entire motion community. He is currently full time at Cash App in New York City.

He recently released a personal short film based on the Star Wars universe, focusing on showing Stormtroopers in a different light. The film has already been viewed over 1 million times. Be sure to check out the film below if you haven’t seen it yet.

Star Wars: The Last Stand

We had a wide-ranging discussion that runs nearly 40 minutes and below are the show notes for this episode.

Producing with no budget

  • No money for production
  • Asking friends for help
  • Producing around constraints

Different Kind Of Storm Trooper

  • Always shown as incompetent
  • See them as warriors

Million Views & New Opportunities

  • Artists reaching out
  • Requests for music videos
  • Voice performers reaching out

Short Film Back Story & Timeline

  • Started as a gag with a friend at Imaginary Forces
  • Two Years of time passed
  • Learning Houdini as he went
  • Rolling out on Instagram, building hype
  • Favorite shot is Explosion shot
  • Rendering on his 2 machines at home

Redshift, Octane, V-Ray & Arnold

  • Started out with V-Ray
  • Learned Arnold, seemed slower
  • Went heavy with Octane
  • Now using Redshift for flexibility and stability in production

Cash App Fulltime Job

Studios Doing More With Less

  • Small teams can accomplish high complexity
  • A premium on artistic talent
  • A premium  on perspective and direction
  • Creative Tech will drive inequality in the industry
  • Need fewer artists, but remaining artists make more


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