Remington McElhaney : Google UX Motion Designer

By Michael Jones

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Remington McElhaney is from our very first class at MoGraph Mentor in 2014. Since then he has gone on to work for motion studio, VeracityColab and now works as a UX Motion Designer at Google.

In this podcast we asked Remington about his work with Google and the challenges he faces in helping to create each iteration of the Android platform. We also asked Remington what it would take for other motion designers to break into UX motion.

Remington faces a an interesting challenge that requires him to balance animation and user experience. He has to collaborate across a large number of teams and must work with highly specific technical constraints. His advice to anyone looking to work at a place like Google is to bring a technical mindset and show your ability to problem solve. He also suggested doing prototypes for your portfolio if you want to be considered for a UX role like his.

Background Story

We also talked about Remington’s background, coming from a small town of just 500 people. We talked about his view of Sillicon Valley and the challenges of finding community in such a transient place. Overall, we are very proud of Remington as a MoGraph Mentor alum, his journey now continue with his work at Google. 

When he came through the MoGraph Mentor program it was still in its infancy and he was one of the earliest adopters. After he finished our program we recommended him to Veracitycolab, a video agency located in Orange County, California. He was a great fit for their growing team and it sounds like it was a great environment for his growth as well.  It was Remington’s hard work and dedication that built his career, but we are honored to have played a role in his development. His career is a testament to what passion and commitment can lead to.

Learn more about Remington by checking out his portfolio. Or follow him on twitter for random thoughts and updates.


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