Lana Simanenkova : Senior Creative At Animade

By Michael Jones

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Lana Simanenkova is an animator and motion designer from Estonia. She is currently a Senior Creative at Animade, a studio based in London, UK. As part of Animade, she’s worked with clients such as IBM, Dropbox, Google and Facebook.

Her portfolio is filled with high quality design and animation and we asked her to come on the podcast and tell us about her journey in to the motion design world. She attended Art School, where she focused on animation and has put those skills to work professionally ever since.

In this podcast we discuss her background and perspective on the industry. To learn more about Lana, check out her portfolio.

Here’s just a small look of the type of work Lana has become well known for.

Indiana Joe from Lana Simanenkova on Vimeo.


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