Action Movie Dad : Home Movies Gone Viral

By Michael Jones

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Daniel Hashimoto (goes by, “Hashi”) joins us on the podcast to discuss his widly successful youtube channel, Action Movie Kids. Daniel started attended film school at USC where he refined his love of film-making. He then went on to work in production at Dreamworks animation.

After having kids he started to make home movies with a special touch, added Visual Effects and cinematics. Through a desire to share these videos with his parents, who were not on Facebook, he uploaded them to youtube. One of his first videos went viral and made it on the front page of Reddit.

As they say, the rest is history. Action Movie Kids took off and became a sensation that led Hashi on to Good Morning America, Local News and a Book Deal.

Home Movie Magic

Hashi has placed his kids into a series of incredible situations through the art of Visual Effects.

Using Adobe After Effects as well as tools from Red Giant and Video Co-Pilot, Hashi creates detailed visual effects that bring simple videos of his kids to life.

In this podcast we ask Hashi which videos were his favorite and which was the most frustrating or challenging. His favorite was the, “Jaws,” concept while the most challenging was the, “Alien,” inspired video.

Show Notes

A big thanks to Hashi for taking time to come on the podcast, it was a pleasure to speak with him. Below are show notes/links to many of the things we discuss in this episode.

Red Giant Cheap Tricks Series

Film Riot (VFX Resources)

Corridor Crew Youtube

Action VFX Assets

Action Movie Kid (The Book)


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