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We want to make our course more accessible to all artists around the world. Qualifying residents of certain specific countries and students may be able to participate in a scholarship program and get our workshops at a discounted rate.


Who qualifies for the program?

We know that in some areas of the world, artists are struggling to find high-quality, accessible education. If you are a student or are living in a country where the conversion rate isn’t favorable, our courses are out of reach. We want to change that.

While we won’t be able to approve everyone, there are certain areas that could use some help. You may qualify if you can provide proof of attending a school or living in these areas:

  • Central & South America
  • Some countries in Eastern Europe
  • African countries (except South Africa)
  • Some countries in Asia


How does this scholarship work?

This scholarship isn't just a discount. We want our students to actively contribute and show motivation. Here is a list of tasks you might be asked to do:

Share your work on social media

Share your work on your social media by tagging us. This way we can feature your work on our social media to give you visibility as well.

Give us your feedback to share on course page

A short feedback after you took the course to be shared on the course page. This helps other students get a better sense of what the course is like.

Interview about your experience in a blog post

We ask from you that you help us write a blog post about your experience. A short interview will be sent to you to complete.


Submit your application

Please complete this form and try to be as exhaustive as possible. Once your application has been processed, a member of our staff will contact you.

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