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2D-Focused Online Animation Training

If you’re looking to go all-in on 2D design and animation, then our online 2D animation courses are for you. Lay a solid foundation and elevate your 2D work into an impressive portfolio, through on-demand workshops.  


Master Your Craft

Becoming a master of Motion Design is no easy feat. You need skills in animation, character design, storytelling and more, but having an area of expertise is a good way to land the gigs and clients you want. Our goal is to provide you online 2D animation courses that will help you flourish within your chosen industry path.  

Steve Savalle

Steven Savalle


This course is for beginners who want to become better illustrators. Learning to draw with proper perspective and shading is a useful skill for motion designers.

Steve Savalle will walk you through perspective drawing, shading basics and using real analog tools to improve the look of your sketches.

Sara Wong - Illustration mentor

Sara Wong


Understanding the workflow and mind-set of creating illustrations for motion design execution. Illustrator Sara Wong, will show her technical process, but also discuss her process/mindset in crafting visual art that communicates the associated subject matter.

Create more compelling artwork for your portfolio.

Portrait Robert Huth

Robert Huth


Understanding the discipline of character design. Starting with a foundation in basic draftsmanship and progressing to figure drawing, we will take a multi-week journey in exploring this discipline. 

You will learn basic drawing techniques and hear from the world’s top character designers at Disney Animation Studio.

Henrique Barone



Learn traditional animation using Adobe Animate from animator Henrique Barone. Unlock your 2D work by understanding the process of traditional animation in a vector-based software.

Henrique will walk you through 3 projects that will help you understand his entire process.

Elevate Your Skillset & Portfolio

Once you have a solid grasp on the fundamentals, you’re ready to continue your 2D animation training by adding more disciplines to your skill set. You can choose to focus on character design, traditional animation, or perspective drawing. 

Refine Your Style & Approach

As you continue to build the portfolio that makes sense for you, these courses can help inspire your work. Learning new processes, techniques, and software is a great way to stay sharp and build a growth mindset.

Colin Hesterly portrait

Colin Hesterly


Colin Hesterly is a director with an emphasis on animation and motion design. He has directed spots for many of the world’s biggest brands. This course is all about his approach and process to directing ads and pitching clients.

Along with Director Colin Hesterly you will work through the entire process of scripting, storyboarding and designing.

Kirk Wallace

Kirk Wallace


Kirk Wallace has a unique approach to creating appealing 2D characters for animation. His artistic process is brought to you in this exclusive workshop.

You’ll learn exactly how Kirk creates beautiful characters. If you want to create better-looking 2D characters for your animations, then this workshop is for you.

Bundle Up!

Many of our courses are even better together. For example, if you’re going to study character design, it also makes sense to study traditional animation. We want to make this training accessible to as many people as possible. If you’re a hard core learner, then our bundle deals may be a good fit for you.

MoGraph Mentor Logo

Sara - Steve
- Michael


This compilation of courses is designed with motion designers in mind. You get everything you need to improve your illustration skill.

Create better animations and more compelling pieces with the illustration bundle.

MoGraph Mentor Logo

Henrique Barone
& Robert Huth


All the techniques, workflows, and processes needed to start from the ideation of your original character, all the way through to a fully animated shot.

We are combining two of our most popular workshops and offering this bundle at a discounted rate.

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Robert Huth-
Kirk Wallace


This compilation of courses is designed with 2D artists in mind. You get everything you need to improve your character design skills.

Learn the fundamentals of character design and create more appealing and original characters.


Resources, Rigs & Scene Files

Dig into our collection of resources to help you create work or simply experiment. Our list of resources includes free animated textures, 3D rigs, and scene files.

MoGraph Mentor Logo

MoGraph Mentor


Handcrafted, drag-and-drop design assets across media types. This Studio Art Asset Pack is for any motion designer who loves that mixed-media style.

  • 700+ High-Quality Assets
  • Animated Loop
  • 11 Media Categories
  • Ready for After Effects, Photoshop, and C4D



Start practicing your 3D character animation skills with this free, premium blender character rigs.

Michael Jones Portrait

Michael Jones


Practice 3D character animation with these free, premium rigs made for Cinema 4D. These rigs will help you work your way from simple, to more complex. Bo, the ball, is rigged for advanced squash and stretch controls. Iggy, our bi-ped ball, is rigged for more advanced poses with tons of controls.



Bring your MoGraph Renders to the next level with our free MoGraph Texture Pack! It includes 33 free textures and 6 patterns to mix up your textures.


Blog & Tutorials

Explore our blog and tutorials to learn more motion design tips, tricks, and news.

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How to create stylized 3D fridge model Cinema 4D

How to create a stylized 3D fridge model in Cinema 4D

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