Making Of MoGraph Mentor

By Michael Jones

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This short documentary is a look into the making of MoGraph Mentor.

MoGraph Mentor is the online school for motion graphics that takes a wholistic approach to developing artists who are capable of making original work. More than tutorials, mentorship is about challenging an artists ability to create original works. This process develops your technical, artistic and professional skill set. 

MoGraph Mentor was founded in 2013 by me, Michael Jones. It started as a side project while I was freelancing for studios and clients. The early success of the program was due to the team of mentors who had a passion for working with other artists. As i’ve said many times, without the mentors, there is no MoGraph Mentor. 

Over the years my vision for MoGraph Mentor has started to expand. This has come to fruition with my taking of an equal partner in the business, our CTO, Mathieu Fortune. Our goal for MoGraph Mentor 2.0, as we’re calling it internally, is to branch out our mentorship concept into new disciplines; Visual Development, UX, VR and Game Development. We are excited about the challenges ahead and look forward to building on the success of MoGraph Mentor 1.0.


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