Motion Roundup: Blender tutorial and demo reel tips

By Michael Jones

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Remington Markham latest Blender 3D tutorial 

Remington, a motion designer, art director, animator, and a creative director with us. He is the mentor of our Blender workshop and just released a new tutorial on his Youtube channel. Check out this detailed video where Remington provides steps in Blender to create a stylized wood texture.

Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4.25 update

Unreal Engine is one of the most widely used game development platforms in the world and it just released a major update! Whether you’re a game developer or producing high quality movies there are new features that will provide ready to use tools and platforms.

20 tips for an amazing demo reel for Motion Graphics & Animation 

Ben Marriott is a freelance motion designer and illustrator based in Sydney who makes weekly art and video updates on his YouTube channel. His latest is a tips video for creating the best possible reel to attract new clients. Plus you can also submit your reel to Ben for a possible review!

Inspiration Article: How A Filmmaker  Kept His Stop-Motion Project Alive During Lockdown

Joseph Wallace was just a few weeks into his production shoot when the Coronavirus crept into the U.K. and entered its state of lockdown. “There’s a slightly narrow-minded narrative going around that the U.K. animation industry is open for business, but I don’t know a single stop-motion production which hasn’t had to shut down”. Rather than wait for a studio to reopen, Wallace has been spending his time in lockdown tweaking puppets, editing, and focusing on voice work.


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