Motion Round Up: Face rig in Blender, Quill for animators

By Michael Jones

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Blender 3D easy character face rigging with SouthernShotty

SouthernShotty aka Remington Markham, our creative directors, created a great step by step process on rigging 3D character face textures. If you’re a beginner in Blender this video will be super helpful and easy to follow. Also if you’re interested in learning more about Blender check out our stylized character workshop with Remington. 

How to create a short film using Quill for animators

Zeyu Ren, a Virtual Reality animator and Director, has been using the Quill software to create his own short animated films. He takes you through the steps of production for how he used the software for his latest short Light It Up. The short was animated in Quill then it was assembled and rendered the film in Cinema 4D giving it a beautifully cinematic feel.

Vimeo's Staff Pick - Man 2020

The humans are in quarantine which means animals are roaming the cities and nature is taking over in this short but hilariously sweet animation by Steve Cutts. launches new site to build a community for filmmakers & videos created by motion designers for a new wave of filmmakers to serve as a new online community. The site highlights key features that aren’t found on other video platforms like looping video controls,
attaching files to video uploads making them available for download by the community, video download controls and more. Check out this site for a new way to showcase your work.


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