Motion Round Up: 100 Days 3D Project, Substance Painter Guide and Video Spotlights

By Lesa Silvermore

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Artist finishes incredible 100 Days of 3D Design Project 

Artist, Tiantian Xu, has completed five 100 day projects and just added her sixth after completing 100 days of 3D design. She takes us through her process of learning the basics of 3D design and her workflow for starting out each week. Tiantian also breaks down the learning curves and struggles she faced during her project. At the end of it though, she finished with amazing and super creative 3D art to showcase. Take a look at her full breakdown and art pieces here!

Wine After Coffee Short Pick – Fun & Games

Fun & Games, a 3D animated short from Bullpen, not only a Wine After Coffee pick but voted Vimeo staff pick of the week. The short recreates toys from childhood set to an awesomely chilling child-like song. What starts out as seemingly harmless turns into a toys showing the reality of growing up and how things begin to drastically change. Watch the clever transitions within the toys themselves and the awesome design by Elliot Lim and Aaron Kemnitzer. 

Short video tribute to Quentin Tarantino’s work premiered exclusively on Cartoon Brew 

If you’re a fan of the director Quentin Tarantino then this video premiere of Roberto Biadi’s, Q, is for you. The very unique but on-point sound design carries through the morphing and melting iconic characters as Tarantino is framed in the middle of the chaos. Cartoon Brew goes into a full interview with both animator Roberto and sound designer Enrico Ascoli on the making of this project.

Join Remington Markham in his newest guide to Substance Painter

It is finally here! Creative director and mentor Remington Markham (aka SouthernShotty3D) will take you to the next level in 3D texturing with our newest workshop, Ultimate Guide To Stylized Textures in Substance Painter. Substance Painter is a powerful tool for any motion designer to quickly create custom textures for their 3D art. Are you ready?


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