Motion Round Up: Simpsons Animator break down on good vs bad cartoons, Artists Interview, Online Art Showcase

By Lesa Silvermore

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The Simpsons animation artist Eric Koenig joins Youtube show on “animators reacting to good and bad cartoons”

Veteran Animator and Director Eric Koenig, mostly known for his work on The Simpsons, joins Youtube channel Corridor Crew for a special video. The video takes you not only through what makes a ‘good’ cartoon technique-wise but also some of the first cartoons animated. Eric breaks down frames, describes how they were created and what stands out in the cartoon. Watch the full video here!

Wine After Coffee Pick – Check em’ Out

This week’s Wine After Coffee short pick was a winner for this year’s Pictoplasama. The character design and direction by Eva Münnich have such a fun creative point of view of these flower girls showing off their new sneakers. The sound design by Fi Roberts will surely make you smile as the flower girls own their 90s vibes and can’t forget – the awesome drop of sprinkles! 

Conceptual illustrator Eleni Debo shares her artist story with Commarts 

Belgian artist, Eleni Debo, takes us through her story of how she was inspired to become an illustrator. Her art is filled with layers of textures and captures the viewer with stunning concepts. Read the full interview to fully explore her influences and art philosophy.

Visual online art showcase to promote black artists called “Attention Please” happening this Saturday

With the pandemic still happening artists and promoters are finding new ways to adapt while also still supporting artists. Shannon Fortner, co-founder of the Harvey Milk Festival located in southwest Florida, is hosting an online art showcase promoting 10 black artists. These artists range from illustrators, visual artists, graphic design, and more. Watch on their website and support the artists by checking out their profiles.


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