Motion Round Up: New Youtube animated series, Motionographer creative interviews, & Vimeo shorts

By Lesa Silvermore

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Beautiful animation in new Vimeo short ‘The Story of Coffee’

This animated short created by Motion Lab takes you through the origin story of coffee. Their unique style and beautiful composition carry you through an educational story of the most popular beverage – 2nd to water. Plus, there are dancing goats and who knew that was a part of the coffee history? Check out the video with a nice cup of coffee.

Cartoon Brew interviews Co-Director Ed Bell on new Youtube animated series ‘The History Of White People In America’

A new animated series is now available to watch for free on Youtube. ‘The History Of White People In America’  has six directors on the project one of them is Ed Bell. Ed has been in the animation industry for quite some time working on projects from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, to The Simpsons, and several other Warner Brother and Disney features. The interview goes behind the scenes of this new project which is filled with mixed media animation, musical narration, and powerful history lessons for everyone. Check out the full article and trailer here.

Wine After Coffee short pick – Stay Home

Batman is the star of this short, comic hand written style and hilarious short by Petitom. It’s quarantine, even famous superhero’s like Batman and Robin are having a tough time staying active indoors. Take a look at the lesson Batman learned the hard way.

Get new insights from artist interview with Sam Penfield on topics of working through the “new norm” 

Motiongrapher’s new Creative Connections interview is with executive producer and partner of 1st Ave Machine, Sam Penfield. Get new tips on technology you might need for staying at home, ideal work breaks, and her insight on what she thinks the future of the animation industry will be.


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