Motion Round Up: Experimental Shorts, Joash Berkeley Q&A, & Cartoon Brew Podcast

By Lesa Silvermore

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Wine After Coffee short pick – The Rough Cut

This clever compilation of shorts and various narrations from artists takes us through the ebb and flows of creativity. Speaking to the struggles that artists feel as they become vulnerable in their work. Created by Coat of Arms productions and a handful of talented artists including some of our mentors like Nidia Dias and Steve Savalle.

Wonderfully mesmerizing experiment of a frozen rose reacting with liquid elements in short ‘Black Ice’

This week’s vimeo staff pick is a short created by Christopher Dormoy. His personal experiment was to observe closely the effects of different elements like soap, oils, and paint play out as the frozen rose begins to melt. The visual project is hypnotic as the reveal is almost unworldly.

New Podcast from Cartoon Brew – Animating While Black

We believe, just like Cartoon Brew, it’s important to keep this momentum going that was started by many black artists in the animation industry. Join artists Monique Henry-Hudson and Frank Abney as they speak about their path in animation and reflect on the influence the industry as on our society. Check out the full podcast and article here.

Joash Bekerley Q&A over recent empowering short: ‘The Hidden Life of Rosa Parks’

We had the awesome opportunity to speak with creative director of Eido Studios, Joash Berkeley, about his recent project with TedED. ‘The Hidden Life of Rosa Parks’ short is not only educational but incredibly powerful. It takes you through the early parts of Rosa Parks life of fighting social injustice leading up the Montgomery bus boycott. The full Q&A and featured video is in our blog, check it out here.


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