Motion Round Up: Slick 3D, Particles Simulation & Artists Spotlight

By Lesa Silvermore

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Amazing Particles Simulation for the PS5 Reveal Trailer

The latest trailer for the PS5 demonstrates amazing 3D artwork. Starting out as little glowing particles it begins to move not only to its own awesome sound design but to stunningly reveal the new platform.

If you enjoy this style of artwork check out this artist on instagram for more.

Artist Spotlight: #drawingwhileblack

A trending hashtag blew up over twitter a couple of weeks ago; #drawingwhileblack. Scrolling through in amazement of all the various artists with a wide range of talents we felt called to spread the light on their art. Check out the incredible artists from our previous blog and follow the hashtag on twitter for more!

Wine After Coffee short pick – Sprinkles

Chris Anderson is the creator behind this beautifully colorful and heartwarming short. There is no dialogue but the sound design perfectly fills up the piece while also pulling at the heart strings as we watch the relationship between the older dog and the new pup.  

Clean 3D Presentation for the New MacOS Reveal

The newly released promo for the MacOS Big Sur update is fresh, slick, and a great showcase of the new design with a mix of animation and designs we are familiar with in the iMac world.


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