Motion Round Up: New Substance release, Lobster Studio Short Film

By Lesa Silvermore

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Wine After Coffee Short Pick – Shameless & More 

Lobster Studios produced the short Shameless & More, an entertaining and playful way of showing the absence of the main protagonist in a scene. Each sequence has a clever situation happen to their characters. One of our workshop mentors Henrique Barone is a part of the animation team on this project.

The new AI-Powered image to material feature in Substance Alchemist

A new release for Substance Alchemist is pretty mind blowing! For the first time, you can use the high quality of AI power to take a simple photograph and turn it into a full material with incredible accuracy. The Image to Material filter will generate the amount of light is hitting the object and perfectly copy it. Take a look at some of the examples and tutorials in this article to fully explore this incredible new feature. 

Vimeo Staff  Pick – Quarateen 

A Vimeo staff pick of the week, Quarateen, created by Favo Studio. A comic-book style mixed with a video game feel this short goes through the anxiety of puberty plus the paranoia of a global pandemic. The finishing touch is the Quarateen jingle at the end. 

No Budget? No Professional Animators? No Problem. 

Director Kenji Iwaisawa created his anime featured film, Our Sound, on a shoestring budget for the past seven and a half years. His determination for his project is inspiring for anyone who feels they like giving up. Check out this interview with the director and Cartoon Brew for more info on his process. 


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