MoGraph Mentor Launches Subscription Model

By Michael Jones

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On July 7th, 2021, MoGraph Mentor, the online school for motion graphics, started offering All-Access. All-Access is the new subscription model starting at $29 a month that gives users access to the entire training and resource library of MoGraph Mentor. This means you can now access our entire catalog for just 29$ a month. This also includes exclusive content that has never been released before, such as; case studies, critique sessions, and artist interview series. 

  • All 2D & 3D Courses
  • Premium Resources
  • Exclusive Artist Interview Series
  • Exclusive Case Studies
  • Access to Discord Community

In the summer of 2019 we decided that the future of MoGraph Mentor would focus on two things; High-level mentorships that run 9 weeks and on-demand training that is available for a low, monthly price. 

We’ve continued to have great success with our mentorships and now we are excited to launch MoGraph Mentor All-Access. We made this decision for a few reasons. 

1. Roughly 80% of our audience is outside the United States. This means that paying for a single course ($59-$299) could equal a months rent in some of our most trafficked countries like Indonesia, which is our 3rd largest market. Renting a 1 bedroom in Jakarta costs about the same as our 3D modeling course. This is of course, a very difficult situation for people in these countries. So while this new model may seem like a steal for those in the US, we think this prices us more appropriately for the 80% of our users outside the US. 

2. This new subscription model allows us to make more and shorter training. When you sell individual courses each one needs to be long enough to justify an individual purchase. In a subscription model anything and everything fits. This means more niche training (after effects, C4D, x-particles, Houdini, visual development, traditional animation, sound design, visual effects) more consistently. This really has us excited for the future of MoGraph Mentor. We will be investing in exclusive All-Access content instead of new individual courses at higher prices. We think this is better for us at MoGraph Mentor and for individuals who just want to learn motion design. Win-Win. 

If you’re thinking, oh good another subscription to add, don’t worry. We will continue to sell individual courses and premium resources. All-Access is simply a different option to access to our platform. 

Learning to become a professional motion designer and finding your niche in the industry is not easy. At MoGraph Mentor our goal has been to serve serious students in a high-impact way. We hope that MoGraph Mentor All-Access allows us to take the next step in this mission by making our training and resources more accessible to all who want it. 

Learn more about All-Access.


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