10 Inspiring Motion Graphics Artists To Follow

By Michael Jones

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Our industry is filled with thousands of talented artists from all over the world. We draw inspiration from the work of our peers which helps our work to grow. Seeing the beautiful work produced by other artists can help motivate us to make our work better.

Here are just 10 inspiring motion designers worth a follow.

Kelly Tan


I love Kelly’s opening titles for Rising ASEAN. The all-white renders create a minimal feel that lets you focus entirely on the beautiful forms in the piece. I’m a sucker for this type flat 3d render that also has beautiful compositions. Kelly is one to follow for beautiful work like this.


Mercy Lomelin


I’ve been following Mercy’s work for years now and she is truly one of the industry best. She was the storyboard artist on these Semi-Permanent title’s which had a tremendous team on the 3d execution. Mercy is an all-around great motion designer with a portfolio of great looking 2d and 3d projects.


Nidia Dias


Nidia has been a mentor with us for a few years and we’re very honored to have her work with our students. She is one of the best Art Directors anywhere in the world and continues to stun everybody with more gorgeous 3d spots for clients like Microsoft. She is a generous person who has given hundreds of hours of mentorship to students all over the world. She is a must-follow for inspiration.


Nuria Boj


Nuria has stunning Illustration work. The image above is from a google campaign that I could just stare at for hours. Making this illustration readable, telling the story, but also creating these impossibly beautiful forms is hard to do. Check out her entire portfolio to find more beautiful work like this.


Henrique Barone


What can you say about Henrique Barone that hasn’t already been said? He’s simply one of the best animators in our industry. He’s a great guy and recently decided to leave Giant Ant so he could spend more time at home with his new kiddo. I am continually inspired by his work and this list wouldn’t be complete without him.


Justyna Stasik


Justyna’s Illustration style is one of my favorites. Her bold colors and playful forms create a style all her own. Originally from Poland but now working in Montreal, she’s done work for many massive clients like Apple, New York Times, Sony, etc… She is truly an inspiration in our industry and her work is very much worth following.


Samantha Jones


I’m an animator at heart so Samantha Jones’s portfolio brings me endless delight. She is a world-class animator who currently freelancers from Manchester, UK. She has done work with several studios and if you’re not already, you should be following her work.


Giulia Martinelli


I only just became familiar with Giulia Martinelli’s work with the success of her short film, Merlot. A delight to watch, Giulia has done work for TedEd and The School Of Life. She is a talented director, illustrator, and animator.


Nicky Mazur


Nicky Mazur was a student at MoGraph Mentor and she has been an inspiration since her time with us. She has a style all her own and she’s wicked talented. Her time in the program made me a believer in her incredible talents and style. Her work is inspiring and I expect many big things from Nicky for years to come.


Tony Zagoraios


Tony Zagoraios has mentored with us since the start of MoGraph Mentor, and we’re lucky to work with him. He has consistently inspired us with his incredible Art Direction and 3d work. He wins awards left and right and inspires his students to become better artists through his mentorship. Tony is one of my favorite artists in the industry and I feel lucky to call him a friend. Check out his work if you haven’t already.


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