What Is Motion Graphics? A Beginner’s Guide

By Michael Jones

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Motion graphics is a term used commonly in blogs and articles. For those inside the industry, it’s easy to understand what we’re talking about. But if you are new or haven’t been in the graphic animation space for some time, you might be asking what “motion graphics” really means. Especially when you see it used in different ways, like the term “animation.” Read this beginner’s guide to motion graphics to learn about motion graphics right now and its impact in the graphics space.

Make Branding Come To Life

Finding the right colors, layout, and design for your brand is essential for your product’s marketing and visual appeal. Motion graphics comes into play by making these elements more real. A large portion of motion graphics involves taking a company’s primary mission and values, interpreting how we can express them digitally, and opening up the creative process. When considering branding, creating suitable motion graphics to portray a business’s mission statement will go a long way. The company can easily step-up its visual and auditory appeal by incorporating motion graphics into an existing branding strategy. Motion graphics is an excellent way for a company to show they are ahead of the curve in the branding game and with the utmost creativity.

Tell Me a Story

Storytelling is an essential part of marketing in general. Selling a product or service isn’t just about the quality of your product but how it fits into the consumer’s life. When working on your marketing game, it’s important to remember that you sell to humans who are sentimental and often have their own stories to tell. The more relevant your account, the more it will appeal to consumers equaling more conversions. Motion graphics help the storytelling process by telling the story with visual appeal, implementing the right tools, and making the presentation more stimulating. Aside from creating the animations, the studio and music within an animation can help companies show their side of the story and help the viewer intake the information from a whole different perspective.

Explaining Concepts

Sometimes, you come across a complex concept that you need to convey to a consumer. The easiest way to do this might be through motion graphics. Complex ideas are easier to ingest through images than words. Often, a company that will try to explain how a specific service works will have an easier time explaining through animated graphics than in written content or a static image or infographic. They can help illustrate important ideas. Aside from creating the animations, the audio once again plays an important part. The audio can help companies tell their side of the story.

As a beginner in motion graphics, it’s essential to start with the basics. Learn video editing, animation, and special effects with suitable courses. MoGraph Mentor offers 3D and 2D animation training courses along with a premium mentorship program that will put you in contact with top players in the industry. Contact MoGraph Mentor today to get your graphic career started. We hope this beginner’s guide to motion graphics has gotten you interested in a dynamic career in motion graphics.


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