Artist Spotlight: Showcasing illustrators from #drawingwhileblack

By Lesa Silvermore

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Abelle Hayford

Abelle is an illustrator and organizer of #drawingwhileblack on twitter. Abelle also created a directory for the artists so people can filter through the doc and find what artist they are looking for whether it’s book illustration, character design, storyboards, product design, and so much more. Abelle’s work pops with bright retro colors, amazing lightning and illustrations that capture raw emotion. Check out their website for more original art

Raji Bamidele 

Raji is a contemporary hyperrealistic artist from Nigeria. This past February Raji was featured in an art exhibition with his art series titled ‘Dear Black Witness’. There is amazing detail in every mark pulling the viewer in right away getting lost in the amount of depth in his pieces. Check out more of Raji’s original art on his instagram page.

Cameron Knight 

Cameron is an artist, illustrator and comic artist out of South, FL. Cam’s artwork is filled with vivd and vibrant color which compliments his striking energetic scenes. Cam also created his own comic book series called “Cliques” which is available for purchase on his website.

Chiamonwu Joy 

Chiamonwu is a contemporary graphite and charcoal artist from Nigeria. Drawing her inspirations from the traditional, historical and cultural values of the African people – Chiamonwu creates a naturally powerful and incredibly detailed piece out of charcoal and pencils on paper. Check out more of Chiamonwu’s original art on her website.


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