Stylized 3D Kitchen Scene Modeling in Blender with Luis Miguel

By Michael Jones

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Luis Miguel a.k.a Solosalsero took the Ultimate Guide to 3D Stylized Modeling by the talented Paul McMahon. His 3D stylized kitchen scene made exclusively in Blender has so many detailed objects and great lighting that demonstrate Luis’s dedication and hard work. We sat down with him to discuss his experience on his latest project.

Tell us more about you — your background and what you are trying to achieve in your career.

My name is Luis Miguel Maldonado, I am from Colombia and I am 34 years old.
I am a software developer and Graphic Designer, currently working as a freelance 3d artist. I have worked for clients such as Cashdrop, Klingit, Tayla Parx and Nakkia Gold, and I want to learn and specialize more in this world of 3D. Something additional about me is that I am a person with a disability, 5 years ago I lost my left arm and I do my activities and designs with one hand.

3D Stylized Kitchen Scene in Blender

How did this project come about?

The project emerged as a way to learn, practice, improve, and perfect 3D modeling techniques aimed at achieving a stylized result.

Please walk us through your initial thought process when creating this project.

Low poly or high poly style rooms in isometric view are great and I’ve always wanted to make one. So I wanted to create a room in a house, a kitchen, taking advantage of Paul McMahon’s guidance in his Ultimate Guide to 3D Stylized Modeling course by Mograph Mentor.

You have taken the Ultimate Guide to 3D Stylized Modeling course, and your work from it is fantastic! How did this course help you with your project?

I like this style of somewhat chunky or robust objects a lot, I had already made a series in July this year that you can see on my Instagram (, and I wanted to take it further and make a room full of these objects, and Paul’s workshop on the Mograph Mentor platform was the perfect excuse, he is a very good teacher.

What was your biggest takeaway or experience from this project?

I managed to upgrade my 3D modeling and lighting skills, improving my understanding of the particularities of a semi-architectural project, with the use of scales in the process.


Has working on your 3D modeling skills changed yourself or your workflow in any way?

You always get the best and learn from the mistakes of each project. I think that thanks to Paul’s guidance and modeling so many objects (377 parts in total), it has greatly improved my modeling skills, making a more precise and clean topology.

You completed this project using Blender instead of Cinema 4D, can you tell us how this decision impacted your experience with the course and your final project?

This has been asked by several people and I must say that no matter what 3D software you use, they all handle similar tools and processes. If you know the tools of the 3D program of your choice, it is relatively easy to extend any type of tutorial from any other 3D software. I have never worked with C4D but my experience with the course showed me that there are several things that are easier and faster to do in Blender.

What were some challenges this project presented?

Well, I think the biggest challenges were, first, achieving the right aesthetic without straying from the style one is looking to apply, and second, finding the precise distribution, position, and rotation of the objects, along with the color palette tones, to balance the scene and that nothing feels out of place or overloaded in one part more than another. There were days when it was necessary to take a break from the project by having so many individual parts to model.

What is the next stop on your creative journey?

Animation is an area in which I have had very little experience and I would like to specialize a lot in that part. I know I have a lot to learn. If there is one thing I love about the 3D world, it is that it is a whole universe.

Additional personal projects from Luis


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