Introduction To 2D Animation & After Effects

A 9 week mentorship to help you master animation principles and the workflow of animating with Adobe After Effects. You will spend your time animating and learning to animate complex scenes using Adobe After Effects, with both vector and pixel-based assets.

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Start Date

April 2022


9 weeks




4 payments of $248

Highlighted Features

Project-Based Mentorship

Through video training, live mentorship, projects, and community, we want to push you for 9 weeks to master the design and animation fundamentals. You’ll also make industry connections and improve your portfolio with original projects.

Project based learning

Weekly Video Training

Original training that teaches you technical fundamentals, while still prioritizing the artistry of good work. We also have an exclusive interview series with top artists from the industry. Learn the techniques to create great animation and design.

Live critique sessions

Weekly Live Lectures

A weekly 2-hour live session with case-study from your mentor. Covering After Effects exercises, traditional animation principles, design principles, and production techniques.

On-demand training

Weekly Written Critique

Each week you’ll receive a detailed, written critique via the media review platform. This way, you can store notes and catalog the process of creating your projects.

Weekly Syllabus

Ball Bounce & Animation Sequence

This 9-week online motion design mentorship will let you build your portfolio and improve your skills. Receive meaningful feedback from your mentor and share your ideas with your classmates.


Orientation Live Session

Orientation week consists of preparing you for your 9-week mentorship. Attend a live orientation session to ask all the questions you have about this class.


Ball Bounce Assignment

Focus on Animation Principles, timing, and spacing. This 3 week period is dedicated to learning animation principles and how they translate into an After Effects animation using the graph editor.


2D Animation Sequence - 1

Students will be provided with artwork and act as the animator who brings everything to life in Adobe After Effects. You will learn about executing every aspect of these frames with technical training designed to help you master using AE.


2D Animation Sequence - 2

For this second sequence, we’ll build on the concepts and techniques we’ve already covered in AE, and create even more detailed and appealing animation. Using null objects and the graph editor we’ll dial in our animation and create a high-quality animation.

Human Powered Education

Your Fall Session Mentor

Each week your mentor will host a live session, including a lecture, critique, and Q&A time.
All sessions are recorded and are available for immediate replay after the session aired.
Session Time: Sundays at 11 am EST


Michael Jones & Guests

Artist & Animator | CEO - Mograph Mentor

Michael Jones is an animator, designer and VFX artist. He is also the founder of MoGraph Mentor and has a passion for creating clear and detailed, educational materials for motion designers everywhere.

Michael emphasizes the role of core disciplines in the development of every motion designer. Without an understanding of art, design and animation, a modern artist may be relegated to the status of technician. It is an emphasis on fundamental understanding that inspires Michael’s courses, as well as MoGraph Mentor at large.


What Alumni Are Saying

MoGraph Mentor has helped thousands of motion designers launch their careers and improve as artists. We’ve got years worth of happy students who found it to be the breakthrough they were looking for.

Student Projects

Unlock your creativity & originality

Master animation techniques, design fundamentals & visual storytelling by doing original projects in this nine-week mentorship.

This is project-based learning where you will be guided by training and supported through weekly mentorship sessions. The live sessions will contain project case studies, career development advice, and general discussion about creating great 2D.


Stay engaged while you learn

Through these nine weeks, you’ll interact with a set of tools that will help you stay engaged and keep in contact with your mentors and fellow students.

Community Illustration


Join a supportive community

When the live session ends, the conversation continues on our Discord Chat. This platform allows us to engage with you while you’re working throughout the week.


Introduction to 2D Animation & After Effects

Personalized mentorship, structured around project-based learning.

Build great portfolio pieces

• Level up your animation and After Effects abilities
• Learn the workflow for creating polished 2D
• Gain insight into the process of your mentor.

Supportive Community

Dedicated chat room via Discord
Ask your questions to classmates and mentor

100% Money Back Guarantee

Do you feel like the mentorship isn't the right fit for you? You can request a full refund within the first 14 days after the session has started. Just contact our support and we got you 🙂

$ 248
4 payments of
  • Get mentored
  • Create original work
  • Unlock your career
Next class, April 2022


$ 990
Pay all at once
  • Get mentored
  • Create original work
  • Unlock your career
Next class, April 2022


Have Questions?

By the end of this 9 weeks you will have a deep understanding of animating with Adobe After Effects. You will also have a solid grasp on animation as a discipline, including the fundamental framework of the 12 principles. You will know how to use After Effects, but more importantly you will become a stronger animator. When this class ends you should feel confident approaching animation projects with Adobe After Effects.

Yes! Each group of students assigned to a mentor will get access to a dedicated channel to communicate, share and receive feedback from their mentor and classmates.
You’ll also get the opportunity to be a part of the larger community of MoGraph Mentor’s alumni and students of our workshops.
We use Discord to help us set up this forum.

We close our open enrollment one week before the start of a semester. Be sure to subscribe to the mailing list to get updates throughout each enrollment period.

Your weekly live session will run approximately 2-3 hours. Your weekly time commitment for assignments can be anywhere from 7-20 hours. Our mentorships are project-based, so you will ultimately decide how many hours to pour into each week’s deliverable. But plan on a minimum of 10 hours per week.

Yes! Many of our students have full-time jobs and we work around business hours (see time commitment question above). We only ask that you make your class work a priority.

Our goal is to help our students in the best way that we can. 
You have 2 weeks after the session has started to request a refund if the class isn’t a good fit for you.
Simply reach out to a support team member via email at [email protected] or on Discord @support.

Mentor’s availability varies for each semester and will be announced on each dedicated mentorship page. Our mentors are among the best artists in the industry and dedicated to dispensing the best learning experience to their students.

Weeknights or weekends. We understand that many of our students have 9-5 commitments, so live sessions are scheduled either after working hours or on the weekend. Your exact class time will be determined at the start of each semester, based on your mentor assignment.

We love our international student body and make every effort to accommodate across time zones. We realize that the time change issue is hard for many outside the US. We run class times on US Eastern Time Zone. We attempt to make every accommodation for our international students, but sometimes it means late nights or early mornings for those outside the US. We take this on a case by case basis and do our best to make it work.

We use a platform called Zoom for the live sessions. You will be on camera and will see a video feed of your peers and mentor. Live sessions are lecture-based but also contain organic Q&A where you can discuss specific workflow techniques or concepts with your mentor and classmates. Sessions typically run about 1-2 hours, so bring a drink, a snack, and a sketchbook to doodle and take notes.

Yes! This is a tutorial heavy class. Each week you will be asked to watch technical training and follow along. Since After Effects has a bit of a learning curve we designed this course for beginners who would prefer to be guided through each animation project.

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