Live Mentorship & Portfolio Building

A 9 Month Program To Master Motion Design

This program is designed to be THE alternative to a traditional art school. We’ve taken the best aspects of a traditional Art school curriculum and condensed it into a 9 month Motion Design Program. From students to creative pros, our workshops, classes, and content are designed specifically for you.

Next semester starts May 20th

Designed for Students, Freelancers & Professionals

Submit an application today and be first on the list for next semester’s session. Once the enrollment window opens, our admissions director will reach out to you and begin the formal application process.

Limited seats will be available, so apply today.

Winter Semester

Jan 20 - Apr 13

Spring Semester

May 20 - Aug 5




Starting $1799

Mentorship Program

Launch your career in motion design.

A 9 month online motion design program split in 12 weeks semesters that will let you build your portfolio and improve your skills. Receive meaningful feedback from your mentor and share your ideas with your classmates.

  • Pre-Work
  • Class 1
  • Class 2
  • Class 3
  • Career Services

Preparation work

We include a series of beginner friendly on-demand training to help you get up to speed with the basic principles of Motion Design, After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator. For total beginners, this is important work.

Michael Jones

Are you totally new to the field of motion design? This then online course is designed for you. This will provide you with an overview of the disciplines you need to study to master motion design. 

We’ll look at animation and design principles and how they relate to motion design. We’ll also get you up and running with project files and software demos. This is a beginner level course.


Michael Jones

This course is dedicated to get motion designers up to speed on using Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator. These two programs are capable of an insane number of uses across design, photography, animation, compositing, processing and formatting.

This course will cover drawing, digital painting, mixed media design, flat vector illustrations and more.

Play Video
  • Principle of Design
  • Principle of Animation
  • Visual Communication Concepts
  • Presenting Work
  • Storyboarding, Animatics
  • Typography Basics

Class 1 // 12 Weeks // Part-Time

Introduction to Design & Animation

Learn the fundamentals, get mentored and create original works in 12 weeks

This 12 week mentorship class is centered around project based learning. You’ll complete 2 projects in this class, one dedicated to an animation assignment (ball bounce) and once dedicated to creating an original short film (visual essay). With the help of your mentor you’ll create these projects and learn more about design and animation fundamentals.

Ball Bounce Project (Weeks 1-3)
Focus on animation principles, timing and spacing.

This 3 week animation assignment is a foundational exercise that every motion designer can benefit from. Animation is at the core of being a good motion designer so focusing on the craft of animation is important for students.

Visual Essay Short Film (Weeks 4-12)
Focus on storyboarding, design & animation.
This short film is a chance to learn about every stage of production. Starting with pre-production you’ll work
through possible visual styles and create storyboards for your film. You’ll then design and animate the entire
film with the help of your mentor with weekly critique and brainstorming sessions.

Play Video
  • Achieving Client Objectives
  • Creating Mood/Tone
  • Crafting Visual Style
  • Animation Techniques
  • Pitching Concepts
  • Art Direction Basics

Class 2 // 12 Weeks // Part-Time

Art Direction & Creative Execution

Focus on art direction, get mentored and create original works in 12 weeks

This next 12 week mentorship class is centered around pushing your abilities as a visual artist and animator. With an emphasis on visual styles, you’ll create two projects. A visual essay short film and an infographics project. This will force you into tight production timelines that mirror the industry

2d/3d Explainer Short Film (Weeks 1-6)
Focus on Art Direction, Animation Techniques & Process.
This 6 week assignment is designed to mirror a real world client project. Explainer videos rest on the ability to communicate something specific in a beautiful and moving way. This project will give you another opportunity to create a strong art direction with compelling animation.

Infographics (Weeks 7-12)
Focus on Planning, Desconstructing Information & Pushing Visual Concepts.
This project is heavily focused on Art Direction. You’ll start with raw data and create 5 compositions which you will then animate into a sequence. The focus here is on working from raw data and creating effective visual communications in a style that fits with your portfolio goals

Play Video
  • Organizing a Film
  • Creative Development
  • Building a Visual Language
  • Advanced Storyboarding
  • Portfolio Building 101
  • Freelance 101

Class 3 // 12 Weeks // Part-Time

Advanced Production Techniques

Learn to produce your best motion piece, get mentored and achieve mastery

This final 12 week mentorship experience is about your ability to lead and organize a production from start to finish. We also ensure that you are prepared to market yourself to agencies, studios and clients.

Animation For A Cause – Thesis Film (Weeks 1-12)
Focus on Storytelling, Pre-Production & Directing.
This 12 week project is the culmination of our Mentorship Program. This is where students will create their most compelling piece of work. We want students to develop original, portfolio pieces and this 12 week production is designed to deliver one.

This is a quality over quantity mindset as you direct this film while producing every aspect of it. You will choose a non-profit (or related issue) and execute this film over 12 weeks. This is our most advanced production.

Alumni Group, Recommendations & Placement Services.

For students who graduate the MoGraph Mentor program, we want to help you advance your
specific career goals in the industry. We serve you in 3 main ways; our alumni network that is
made available to studios and agencies looking for talent, personal recommendations from
the program and your mentors, and job search assistance.

Once applied, you’ll be contacted to review your application and proceed to the tuition payment.
We encourage all beginners to start with class 1. If you think you’re a good fit for advanced classes, you may want to go directly to class 2 or class 3.

Human powered education

What to expect from this program?

You’re not going to become a great artist overnight, it takes time and dedicated practice. This program is designed to help you thrive in motion graphics.

Project based learning

Real project assignments

You will focus on real project assignments and learn timeless concepts and principles to build the foundation of your career. Each assignment is designed to maximize your learning experience.

Live critique sessions

Attend live critique sessions

Each assignment receives a detailed critique from your mentor during online weekly live sessions so you can work collaboratively to create your best work.

On-demand training

Watch on-demand training

We built a library of on-demand training with our mentor to help you sharpen your skills and support your learning experience.

Community and accountability

Community & accountability

You'll get assigned to a small group of students and a mentor to help you stay engaged, challenged and inspired. Our private Slack forum also hosts conversations for all students and alumni of Mograph Mentor.

Portfolio review

Build a strong portfolio

Each class assignment will allow you to build a portfolio of original works that will allow you to launch a career in Motion Design or boost your freelance opportunities.

Career service

Get help to find a job

Once you complete the full 9 month program, we push your portfolio in front of the right people via our network of studios, agencies, and businesses.


We believe in the
power of mentorship

Our program centers around small group, weekly live session mentorship. We believe that mentorship is a great way to boost growth as an artist and practitioner. Investing in our mentorship program is an alternative to a traditional university. 

Our mentors


What students say about the program

This program has helped hundreds of motion designers launch their careers and improve as artists. We’ve got years worth of happy students who found this program to be the breakthrough they were looking for.

Program Preview

Sneak peek of the program

Here is a short preview of what the classes look like and some students' projects. Live mentorship sessions and hard work are the keys to a great motion design portfolio.

Students Of Motion Design

Avoid the high cost of art school and work with our mentors instead. If you’re a student of this field we believe our high-impact, low-cost alternative is a great choice.

Creatives Looking To Pivot

Designers, Photographers & Film-makers looking to pivot into motion design will find our program a good fit for their situation.

Hobbyists Ready To Get Serious

Have you watched some After Effects tutorials and are ready to get serious about Motion Design as a career? Then we’re a good fit for you at this point in your development.

Pro’s Looking To, “Up Skill”

Have you been in the industry for a while but you’re ready for a new challenge to take your skills up a level? This program will help you light that fire!

Designed specificaly for you

Who do we serve?

From students to pros, our program and content are designed specifically to help you grow your motion design skill, create a portfolio of original work and launch your career.

Why this program

Dedicated to skills and career development.

This is the online Motion Design school you’ve been looking for. We’ve taken the best aspects of a traditional Art school curriculum and condensed it into a 9 month Motion Design Program, dedicated to advancing your skills and career with the best industry experts as mentors.

Sick of tutorials? Get real feedback and guidance.

There is plenty of online training related to software and process. But, becoming a great artist is about more than tutorials. It’s about learning to see what makes great work and compelling films. Our program is the anti-tutorial with project based learning and real human mentorship.

Software knowledge isn’t enough.

It’s common for many people to experiment with software and learn it’s utility. But many are hungry to become classically trained artists who genuinely understand design and animation. This program focus on becoming a world-class artist with high-impact mentorship and accountability.

Break into the industry with real connections and knowledge.

Mentorship is also about industry connections. Learn about the industry and how to break in. Our career services are designed to get your portfolio ready and in front of the right people. Your mentor can help you gain new connections and launch your career in motion design.

Application process

How does the application process work?

1. Apply Online

The first step is to apply to the next upcoming cohort. We run the program 3 times a year. Winter (Jan – Apr), Spring (May – Aug) and Fall (Sep – Nov). At the moment, we only accept applications for the closest next semester date.

2. Admission Review

Your submitted application form will be reviewed by our admission team. They will contact you by email to make sure we can help you meet your goals.

3. Secure your seat & Pre-work

You will have access to the class’s curriculum and Pre-Work once your payment has been received. The pre-work is a fundamental part of the program and it is mandatory to finish it before starting the class.

4. The Class Begins

With the Pre-Work completed, you are ready to start your learning journey. You’ll start with an orientation week, one week before the semester starts. During this orientation week, you’ll define your personal projects with your mentor.


Skip the debt of traditional art schools

Traditional art schools can cost as much as $60,000 for a single year of tuition. In this day and age we think that’s crazy. We created a program that is 10x more affordable.
Launch your career, without the debt.

Class Price per class* Price per month**
Class 1: Introduction to Design & Animation​
4 Payments of $450
Class 2: Art Direction & Creative Execution​
4 Payments of $499
Class 3: Advanced Production Techniques
4 Payments of $499
Class 1-2-3: Entire Motion Design Program

*Per class payments must be made in full before the start of the semester.
**Monthly payment eligible only by recurring debit/credit card payment.

Limited seats per semester


Have Questions?

We’ve got you covered. Check out the answers below or visit the help center.

By the end of each class, you’ll have well though, reviewed portfolio pieces and the best process and techniques learned through these works. Each class comes with assignments to help you create your portfolio and develop your motion design skills. The weekly mentorship session is the occasion to receive feedback from your mentor and classmates. The goal of each class is to teach you the best process and techniques to create great motion design work.

Yes! Each group of students assigned to a mentor will get access to a dedicated channel to communicate, share and receive feedback from their mentor and classmates.
You’ll also get the opportunity to be a part of the larger community of MoGraph Mentor’s alumni and students of our workshops.
We use Slack to help us set up this forum.

We close our open enrollment one week before the start of a semester. Be sure to subscribe to the mailing list to get updates throughout each enrollment period.

Your weekly live session will run approximately 2-3 hours. Your weekly time commitment for assignments can be anywhere from 7-20 hours. This program is project based, so you will ultimately decide how many hours to pour into each weeks deliverable. But plan on a minimum of 10 hours per week.

Yes! Many of our students have full time jobs and we work around business hours (see time commitment question above). We only ask that you make your course work a priority.

One week before the semester starts, we assign a mentor for each group of 6 students. Mentor’s availability varies for each semester and can’t be locked prior to orientation week. Our mentors are among the best artists in the industry and dedicated to dispense the best learning experience to their students.

Week nights or weekends. We understand that many of our students have 9-5 commitments, so live sessions are scheduled either after working hours, or on the weekend. Your exact class time will be determined at the start of each semester, based on your mentor assignment.

We love our international student body and make every effort to accomodate across time zones. We realize that the time change issue is hard for many outside the US. We run class times on US Eastern Time Zone. We attempt to make every accommodation to our international students, but sometimes it means late nights or early mornings for those outside the US. We take this on a case by case basis and do our best to make it work.

We have designed these classes in a specific order, to cover the most essential concepts first, and then to build on those. If you have previously studied motion media at an accredited institution, we will consider moving you directly into class 2 or 3. We determine this on a case by case basis, please make a note in your application. We strongly suggest taking the classes in order.

We use a platform called Zoom for the live sessions. You will be on camera and will see a video feed of your peers and mentor. You will present your progress for the week and receive critique from your mentor and peers. Live sessions also contain organic Q&A where you can discuss specific workflow techniques or concepts with your mentor and classmates. Sessions typically run about 2-3 hours, so bring a drink, a snack and a sketchbook to doodle and take notes.

We include demos and tutorials to support your learning experience. However, this program is project-based and focus on your interactions with your mentor and classmates. Do not expect complete tutorials on how to use specific software. It is more about creating original portfolio pieces and learning the concepts, processes, and workflows of a professional motion designer.

Limited seats, reserve yours now!

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