Come and advance your career in motion design. Become a better artist and improve your portfolio. 

9-Week Live MEntorships


2D Focus - Beginner

A 9-week mentorship to help you master animation principles and the workflow of animating with Adobe After Effects. You will spend your time animating and learning to animate complex scenes using Adobe After Effects, with both vector and pixel-based assets.

or 4 payments of $248

2D Focus - Intermediate

A 9-week mentorship created for intermediate motion designers who are serious about creating a portfolio that gets them work now. Focus on creating an original portfolio piece with the help of your mentor. Create an original piece that makes sense for your portfolio.

or 4 payments of $248

3D Focus - Intermediate

A 9-week mentorship created for intermediate 3D motion designers who are serious directing. Focus on creating an original 3D portfolio piece with the help of your mentor. This class is for those with a good foundation in 3D who want to take their next step into directing.

or 4 payments of $248

Human powered education


Finding your way in the motion design industry can be difficult. There is a lot to learn and job descriptions are constantly changing. The quickest way to get clarity in any industry is to spend time with people who are doing the work you want to do. This is where the small group mentorship can really be helpful. Not only will you learn new skill sets, you’ll have more context for where you want to go in the industry.

How Does It Work


These mentorships are designed to help you become a better artist and improve your portfolio.

Project based learning

Relevant Projects

You will focus on real project assignments and learn timeless concepts and principles to build the foundation of your career. Each assignment is designed to maximize your learning experience.

Live critique sessions

Attend weekly live Sessions

A weekly ~2-hour live session with training from our mentor team. Get to learn your mentor's art style and perspective in a series of live lectures and Q&A sessions.

On-demand training

Weekly written critique

Each week you’ll receive detailed, written critiques via the media review platform. This way you can store notes and catalog the process of creating your original works.

Community and accountability

Community & accountability

You'll get assigned to a small group of students and a mentor to help you stay engaged, challenged, and inspired. Our private forum also hosts conversations for all students and alumni of Mograph Mentor.

Portfolio review

Build a strong portfolio

Each class assignment will allow you to build a portfolio of original works that will allow you to launch a career in Motion Design or boost your freelance opportunities.

Career service

Career & Freelance Advices

This mentorship is all about creating original portfolio pieces to help you find a job or more clients. The combination of our video training and mentoring live session will give you the tools to succeed.


See what students say

This mentorship has helped hundreds of motion designers launch their careers and improve as artists. We’ve got years worth of happy students who found these classes to be the breakthrough they were looking for.


Insights and feedback from the industry best

Our mentorship centers around small groups, weekly live sessions. We believe that motion design mentorship is a great way to boost growth as an artist and practitioner. Investing in our mentorship is an alternative to a traditional university.

Our mentors

Students Of Motion Design

Avoid the high cost of art school and work with our mentors instead. If you’re a student of this field we believe our high-impact, low-cost alternative is a great choice.

Creatives Looking To Pivot

Designers, Photographers & Film-makers looking to pivot into motion design will find our mentorship a good fit for their situation.

Hobbyists Ready To Get Serious

Have you watched some After Effects tutorials and are ready to get serious about Motion Design as a career? Then we’re a good fit for you at this point in your development.

Pro’s Looking To, “Up Skill”

Have you been in the industry for a while but you’re ready for a new challenge to take your skills up a level? This mentorship will help you light that fire!

Designed specificaly for you

Who do we serve?

From students to pros, our mentorship and content are designed specifically to help you grow your motion design skill, create a portfolio of original work and launch your career.


Live Mentorships Experiences

  • 2D Beginner Class
  • 2D Intermediate Class
  • 3D Beginner Class
  • 3D Intermediate Class


Tools you'll be using in this class:

A 9 week mentorship to help you master animation principles and the workflow of animating with Adobe After Effects. You will spend your time animating and learning to animate complex scenes using Adobe After Effects, with both vector and pixel-based assets.

Ball Bounce Assignment (1-3)
Focus on Animation Principles, timing and spacing.  This 3 week period is dedicated to learning animation principles and how they translate into an after effects animation using the graph editor. Animation is a core principle for motion designers and it’s important to have a strong foundation.

Animating First 2D Sequence In After Effects (4-6)
Students will be provided with artwork and act as the animator who brings everything to life in Adobe After Effects. You will learn about executing every aspect of these frames with technical training designed to help you master using AE.

Animating Second 2D Sequence In After Effects (7-9)
For this second sequence, we’ll build on the concepts and techniques we’ve already covered in AE, and create even more detailed and appealing animation. Using null objects and the graph editor we’ll dial in our animation and create a high-quality animation.


Tools you'll be using in this class:

A 9 week mentorship created for intermediate motion designers who are serious about creating a portfolio that gets them work now. Through weekly live discussions and a 24/7 discord forum, students will focus on creating an original portfolio piece with the help of their mentor. This experience includes lifetime access to technical case studies from industry-leading artists, so you can see how they achieved various shots. For anyone who struggles to get past the basics and elevate their work, this course is for you.

Brief Book Thesis Film (1-9)
Creating an original piece that makes sense for your portfolio. 
This class is about concepting, designing, refining, and animating an original piece to show off your skills and add a high-quality entry to your portfolio. Your mentor and small group peers will help you shape your work through critique and project discussions. You’ll also learn about design principles, filmmaking techniques, and animation workflows. This class is software agnostic, it’s all about great art direction and meaningful, image-making. 

Weekly live sessions with world-class artists will help you align your approach to making better work. Crafting meaningful images that are beautiful and effective is a difficult and multi-disciplinary process, this course will help demystify what makes great work. 

This level is for anyone who has the software knowledge to know HOW to make projects but often struggles with making compelling work. If you want to take that next step above the basics then this creative production mentorship is for you.


Introduction to 3D Production with Cinema 4D

Tools you'll be using in this class:


A 9 week mentorship experience designed to help you learn how to make 3d films and commercials. You’ll be guided through the process of conceptualizing your piece, doing visual development, and then executing a 3d film. This follows along film-making process is designed to help you understand every part of the process and empower you to create high-quality 3d productions of your own.
(Prerequisite: C4D “Launch” course or equivalent knowledge)

Produce First 3D Sequence (1-4)
From pencil to final composite
Students will be given project files and assets to follow along with the training. This first project will run for 4 weeks and allow students to end up with a high-quality project and the confidence to create 3D on their own.

Produce Second 3D Sequence (5-9)
The entire process for 3D production
Students will again be given project files and assets to follow along with this production. It will focus on smooth animation, dialed in lighting, and a silky smooth composite to polish our 3D work. Custom audio tracks will be provided for students to create too.


3D Filmmaking With Cinema 4D

Tools you'll be using in this class:

This 9 week mentorship will focus on developing a 3D thesis film. Each student will conceptualize and execute a 3D short film. They will have access to training from advanced artists such as Sekani Solomon, Nidia Dias, and Barton Damer. The goal of each film is to make images with meaning.

Brief Book Thesis Film (1-9)
Elevate your 3D portfolio with an original
For the full nine weeks of this course, our mentors goal is to help you produce the best-looking 3D short you’ve ever produced. This project will start in the brief book, to contextualize your production, and end with a polished film that will elevate your portfolio.

This course is for anyone who has the basics of Cinema 4D but wants to thrive at the level of a director, bringing a unique perspective and vision to the screen. Guided by some of the best 3D artists in the world, you will learn to improve your approach and make better work.


Have Questions?

We’ve got you covered. Check out the answers below or visit the help center.

By the end of each class, you’ll have well though, reviewed portfolio pieces and the best process and techniques learned through these works. Each class comes with assignments to help you create your portfolio and develop your motion design skills. The weekly mentorship session is the occasion to expand your artistic perspective. The goal of each class is to teach you the best process and techniques to create great motion design work.

Yes! Each group of students assigned to a mentor will get access to a dedicated channel to communicate, share and receive feedback from their mentor and classmates.
You’ll also get the opportunity to be a part of the larger community of MoGraph Mentor’s alumni and students of our workshops.
We use Discord to help us set up this forum.

We close our open enrollment one week before the start of a semester. Be sure to subscribe to the mailing list to get updates throughout each enrollment period.

Your weekly live session will run for approximately 2 hours. Your weekly time commitment for assignments can be anywhere from 7-20 hours. Our mentorships are project-based, so you will ultimately decide how many hours to pour into each week’s deliverable. But plan on a minimum of 10 hours per week.

Yes! Many of our students have full-time jobs and we work around business hours (see time commitment question above). We only ask that you make your class work a priority.

Mentor’s availability varies for each semester and will be announced on each dedicated mentorship page. Our mentors are among the best artists in the industry and dedicated to dispensing the best learning experience to their students.

Weeknights or weekends. We understand that many of our students have 9-5 commitments, so live sessions are scheduled either after working hours or on the weekend. Your exact class time will be determined at the start of each semester, based on your mentor assignment.

We love our international student body and make every effort to accommodate across time zones. We realize that the time change issue is hard for many outside the US. We run class times on US Eastern Time Zone. We attempt to make every accommodation for our international students, but sometimes it means late nights or early mornings for those outside the US. We take this on a case by case basis and do our best to make it work.

We use a platform called Zoom for the live sessions. You will be on camera and will see a video feed of your peers and mentor. Live sessions are lecture-based but also contain organic Q&A where you can discuss specific workflow techniques or concepts with your mentor and classmates. Sessions typically run about 2-3 hours, so bring a drink, a snack, and a sketchbook to doodle and take notes.

We include demos and tutorials to support your learning experience. However, this mentorship is project-based and focus on your interactions with your mentor and classmates. Do not expect complete tutorials on how to use specific software. It is more about creating original portfolio pieces and learning the concepts, processes, and workflows of a professional motion designer.

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