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Stylized 3D Kitchen Scene Modeling in Blender with Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel a.k.a Solosalsero took the Ultimate Guide to 3D Stylized Modeling …

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Spirited Away tribute in Blender with Doris Rastinger

Doris Rastinger took the Stylized Characters in Blender course at Mograph Mentor. …

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Importance of personal projects with Riccardo Bottoni

Riccardo Bottoni took several of our 3D courses at Mograph Mentor. His …

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Q&A session with Joash Berkeley

The Hidden Life of Rosa Parks: Q&A with Joash Berkeley

Featured Video with Joash Berkeley  The creative director, Joash Berkeley, from Eido …

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Artist Spotlight: Showcasing illustrators from #drawingwhileblack

Abelle Hayford Abelle is an illustrator and organizer of #drawingwhileblack on twitter. …

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We Stand With Oppressed People Globally

A wise person once said to me, “people read horror into the …

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10 books motion designers must have hero cover

10 Books Every Motion Designer Must Have In Their Library

Motion Designers fall into a category of artist that is fairly new. …

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10 Inspiring Motion Graphics Artists To Follow

Our industry is filled with thousands of talented artists from all over …

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Motion Design 101 with Michael Jones

7 Tips To Improve As A Motion Designer

How can you truly excel as a motion designer? Finding the answer …

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