BETA Launch Q1 2021

Career Pro Group

Join a community of professionals and grow your career. Enjoy access to industry professionals, career development live streams, and an art group. Designed to help you boost your career in motion design.

Looking for guidance and community to boost your motion design career?

Join like-minded artists looking for support and accountability, ready to push their careers to the next level. Engage with industry professionals in live discussions. Improve your portfolio through critique sessions.

Live discussions with industry pros

Finding direction for your career is never easy, and there are rarely shortcuts. Mentorship is about helping you along your journey. We will have multiple live sessions each month on various topics related to career advancement.


Portfolio and project critiques.

In our industry, your portfolio is your resume. Part of advancing your career is making better work and improving your portfolio. Attend monthly portfolio critiques with industry-leading mentors. Join the monthly art challenges to add new portfolio pieces.

Community support and accountability.

Setting goals is great, but you have to follow through. This accountability group will support your career goals through live sessions, a private forum, and monthly discussions. You can make progress with the help of an online community.

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Upcoming discussion topics.

The Pro Group Live Sessions will cover topics relevant for professionals. If you’re trying to make a living with your skills, then these will be relevant for you.

The Freelance Roadmap

What are the strategies and steps necessary to thrive as a freelancer? How do you align your portfolio, network, and actions towards the work you want? This will be the theme for our live session looking at Freelancing.

Perfecting Your Portfolio

What is the best way to position your portfolio given your skills, experience, and goals? The perfect portfolio is different for everyone, so in this live workshop, you’ll work through the elements of what make up YOUR perfect portfolio.

Artists & Instagram

Many artists are wondering if Instagram is still a valuable tool for their careers. In this live session, we’ll talk with artists who have found success and what they did to achieve it.

Pricing, Money & Jobs

Let’s talk about cash, wealth building, and getting hired. How much should a jr expect to make? What should I charge for my services? What kind of jobs are available to me? This will be our focus in this live workshop.

Studio Business Models

Hear from studio owners and about the highs and lows of trying to run a studio. Learn about the process of trying to make a margin on creative services while running a company.

Purpose & Career Building

It’s not enough just to make money, you also need some level of self-actualization through your work and career. This live workshop will be more about asking good questions than having all the answers.

Mentorship format

What's included.

The Career Pro Group is a community and career development program from MoGraph Mentor. Monthly access to top industry professionals, career development tools, and networking opportunities make up the core of this group.

  • Live Discussions
  • Content Library
  • Portfolio Review
  • 24/7 Community

Live discussion with mentors

Participate in live discussions with industry professionals

During the live discussion you will:

  • Meet industry professionals
  • Hear their perspectives on career and industry
  • Get your toughest questions answered
  • Get to hear from subject matter experts
Content Library Pro Group

Content Library

Watch the replay of each live discussion and more

Missed the last call? 
Want to refresh your memory about a specific discussion?
Access a library of high-quality, curated recorded video content that will teach you everything you need to know about the industry and how to navigate your career.

Portfolio Review

Attend portfolio review sessions

Get real, honest feedback from your peers and industry mentors. Whether you need help to finish a project or are looking to improve the quality of your portfolio, the career mentorship will give you support to achieve your goals.

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24/7 Community

Gain access to private groups for support and accountability.

How about getting help to plan your career, get support when you doubt yourself, and receive accountability to complete your projects? That’s exactly what the career mentorship community will provide.

Is the Career Pro Group

Wondering if you fit in? We are proud to be a global community helping artists reach their goals all around the world. Our Career Pro Group is for you if you:


Month to Month Mentorship.

Sign-up anytime. Cancel anytime. 

Professional Networking

Join a network of active artists and expand your access to opportunities and collaborators.

Supportive Community

24/7 Discord forum and monthly art challenges will keep you engaged and making progress.

$ 139
per month
  • Pro Group
  • Live Sessions
  • Discord Forum
  • Content Library
  • Portfolio Review
BETA Launch Q1 2021


$ 269
per month
  • Monthly 1-on-1 Hour
  • Pro Group
  • Live Sessions
  • Discord Forum
  • Content Library
  • Portfolio Review
BETA Launch Q1 2021

Get a chance to join the BETA

We are looking for motivated artists looking to engage in a feedback loop to help us improve our career mentorship. Let us know if that's you.

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Have Questions?

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The pro group will consist of live mentorship sessions, a discord forum, monthly art challenges, portfolio critiques, and networking opportunities. You’ll receive access to a library of content and the recording archives from live sessions.

If you’re serious about change and development for yourself and your career, this is the place for you. Our members come from all areas of business and experience levels—studio owners, creative directors, animators, freelancers, designers—all across the world.

We wouldn’t want you to be unhappy. Sign-up anytime, cancel anytime. We are trying to make mentorship accessible, easy, and flexible. 

Tuesdays will be our featured live session days. Although there will also be Saturday sessions from time to time. The exact times may depend on the Mentor available for that week.

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