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Spirited Away tribute in Blender with Doris Rastinger

Doris Rastinger took the Stylized Characters in Blender course at Mograph Mentor. Her Spirited Away tribute project demonstrates great knowledge and creativity. We sat down with her to discuss her experience on her latest project. …

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10 books motion designers must have hero cover

10 Books Every Motion Designer Must Have In Their Library

Motion Designers fall into a category of artist that is fairly new. We are a mash-up of other traditional roles such as : Designer, Animator, …

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Sekani Solomon : Star Wars Short Film, Cash App & Technical Skills

In this episode, we spoke with 3d Artist and Designer, Sekani Solomon. Sekani has worked with students in the 9-month motion design program and has …

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Why Motion Designers Should Be Considering Blender 2.8

I love Cinema 4d. It’s user-friendly and extremely stable. Maxon deserves tremendous credit for building a truly great 3d application that has become the industry …

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How to Create a Motion Trail: Echo Effect in After Effects

A quick tip tutorial on how to create a motion trail in Adobe After Effects. In this short video tutorial, I want to show you how to create a motion trail effect.

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Perspectives on Horror: Animation Process & Interview w/ Andy Gattis

Horror films go deeper than you might think. The monsters we see in films represent the darkest parts of ourselves. This idea was the foundation …

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7 Rules For Landing Your Dream Job

This video is extracted from our career lab series that students of the program can access to find career advice and services. Find out more …

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