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How to find work as a motion graphics artist

If you’re looking to find work in the motion graphics industry, then this overview is for you. In this article i’ll cover how to find work as a motion graphics artist. In the interest of …

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The Benefits of Motion Graphics

The Benefits of Motion Graphics

Motion graphics aren’t just cool or pretty animation features. They’re a unique way to communicate. The best visual communication is blended with motion storytelling to …

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How to create rolling sphere simulation in Cinema 4D

How To Create A Rolling Sphere Simulation in Cinema 4D

The classic sphere rolling down a path using Cinema 4D. An easy process with a few notes to make sure your simulation works correctly. We’ll also look at building our shaders and lighting the scene for a final render.

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How To Create Stylized Smoke/Liquid Effect In Cinema 4D

https://youtu.be/LMj4sUKT9jI Overview of using a particle emitter to create flowing geometry, relying on the metaball. A fun technique that can be used for stylized smoke, …

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Rajat Chauhan Personal Project

3D Styleframes & Art direction with Rajat Chauhan

Rajat Chauhan took the 3d Styleframing & Art Direction with Yeti Pictures course at Mograph Mentor. His series of personal projects demonstrates hard work and …

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Rusted Pixel's Interview on C4D Short Film

The Rusted Pixel’s Halloween Short Film: Extended behind the scene interview

https://youtu.be/ZfSzNI_BRpo We sat down with Paul McMahon a.k.a. TheRustedPixel to talk about his latest Cinema 4D short film. In this extended interview, check out the …

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Stylized 3D Kitchen Scene Modeling in Blender with Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel a.k.a Solosalsero took the Ultimate Guide to 3D Stylized Modeling by the talented Paul McMahon. His 3D stylized kitchen scene made exclusively in …

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