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Tutorial Cinema 4D UV unwrapping demo
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Exporting From Cinema 4D For Substance (+ Quick UV Unwrap Demo)

https://youtu.be/aY0UN7WiwVk Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for more upcoming quick tips and videos in the Motion Graphics Industry. Exporting From Cinema 4D For Substance (+ Quick UV Unwrap Demo) Learn to quickly unwrap and export …

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Motion Round Up: Toon shader in Blender & 3D short film

Lighting Boy Studio releases new toon shader tutorial David from Lighting Boy Studio released a new video with helpful tips on how to improve shadows …

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Vimeo Staff Pick Man 2020

Motion Round Up: Face rig in Blender, Quill for animators

Blender 3D easy character face rigging with SouthernShotty SouthernShotty aka Remington Markham, our creative directors, created a great step by step process on rigging 3D …

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Mentor Spotlight: Mathijs Luijten

A freelance Motion Designer and Director from the Netherlands, Mathijs Luijten, is one of your mentors for the summer Advanced Visual Storytelling mentorship. This 9 week …

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Behind the scenes Rick &  Morty animation

Motion Round Up: Directing Rick & Morty, Unreal Engine 5

Directing Rick & Morty  Longtime Rick and Morty storyboard artist Erica Hayes has been promoted to director for season 4. Go behind the scenes with …

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Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 2.37.18 PM

Motion Roundup: Blender tutorial and demo reel tips

Remington Markham latest Blender 3D tutorial  Remington, a motion designer, art director, animator, and a creative director with us. He is the mentor of our …

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Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 12.33.51 PM

Mentor Spotlight: Colin Hesterly

Our mentorship class for Art Direction & Creative Execution helps you grow as an artist and master the workflow of style frame production. One of …

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