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7 Reasons Not To Freelance

These are 7 reasons you shouldn’t freelance and should consider seeking a full-time position in a studio or agency. When artists are ready to put their skills to work they have two main options; a …

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Lana Simanenkova Podcast

Lana Simanenkova : Senior Creative At Animade

Lana Simanenkova is an animator and motion designer from Estonia. She is currently a Senior Creative at Animade, a studio based in London, UK. As …

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Karen Kuo Viz Dev Course

Karen Kuo, Dreamwork artist, Visual Development in Adobe Photoshop

Visual Development artist Karen Kuo, currently of Dreamworks TV, has put together a new workshop presented by MoGraph Mentor. This 6 part workshop will give …

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Ariel Costa Motion Design

Ariel Costa : Finding your artistic voice

Motion designer Ariel Costa has a unique style and approach to making work. His artists voice has emerged over the years of creating work for …

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Mentors portraits

Online Art Schools Disrupting Traditional Education

Online art schools are having a moment. While the cost of private art schools has ballooned, access to information and mentorship is providing a counterweight …

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