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The Difference Between 2D and 3D Animation

The Difference Between 2D and 3D Animation

Remember the afternoons we used to rush home and watch characters like Daffy Duck, Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, or Tom and Jerry? These shows brought us the content and satisfaction that goes along with watching …

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Rusted Pixel's Interview on C4D Short Film

The Rusted Pixel’s Halloween Short Film: Extended behind the scene interview

https://youtu.be/ZfSzNI_BRpo We sat down with Paul McMahon a.k.a. TheRustedPixel to talk about his latest Cinema 4D short film. In this extended interview, check out the …

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Stylized 3D Kitchen Scene Modeling in Blender with Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel a.k.a Solosalsero took the Ultimate Guide to 3D Stylized Modeling by the talented Paul McMahon. His 3D stylized kitchen scene made exclusively in …

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How to create stylized 3D fridge model Cinema 4D

How to create a stylized 3D fridge model in Cinema 4D

In this free chapter preview from our Ultimate Guide to Stylized 3D Modeling with TheRustedPixel, you will learn how to create a stylized 3D fridge …

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Animating a Shoe, Frame By Frame in The Photoshop Timeline

Learn More Elevate Your Mixed Media Design Work Handcrafted, drag-and-drop design assets across media types. This Studio Art Asset Pack is for any motion designer …

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Spirited Away tribute in Blender with Doris Rastinger

Doris Rastinger took the Stylized Characters in Blender course at Mograph Mentor. Her Spirited Away tribute project demonstrates great knowledge and creativity. We sat down …

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Mixed-media assets for motion designers

Long live mixed-media projects! While there is no doubt we love great motion work that is flat and minimal, sometimes you just have to get …

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