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Our mission

Creativity is the last frontier. We are dedicated to helping people re-skill, up-skill and launch into the new creative economy. We believe in Mentorship as an alternative to traditional arts education. It’s affordable, it’s personal and when done well can advance your career.

One year of tuition
10x more affordable

We take the best aspects of an art & design school curriculum and pair it with high-impact mentorship.

There are many troubling trends in higher education.

30% of those who enroll in a University will not get past freshman year.*
50% who enter, will never graduate at all.*

The reasons vary from financial hardship to choosing the wrong major. Many students are simply not prepared, or sufficiently interested, to succeed at a 4-year university. Couple these troubling statistics with the biggest problem of all, the accelerating cost of higher education.

Our mission is to help students navigate this new environment by giving them direct access to career professionals who can help guide them as a mentor.

*Sourced from National Student Clearing House Research Center

Art School Tuition Chart


Meet the crew behind MoGraph Mentor

We are a passionate and distributed team of artists, engineers and administrators. We are dedicated to the development of our students and will work hard to help each person break into the indsutry.

Michael Jones

Founder - CEO

Michael Jones

Michael has served as a professional motion designer for the last decade. He’s worked for brands such as Nike, Microsoft & Adidas. Now a full time entrepreneur serving the MoGraph Mentor team and student body.

Mathieu Fortune

Founder - COO

Mathieu Fortune

Mathieu joined MoGraph Mentor to bridge the gap between design and tech. He’s worked for almost a decade as UX designer & web front-end developer for clients, start-ups and agencies. He takes care that every students get the best experience possible.

Remington Markham Creative Director

Part-Time Creative Director

Remington Markham

Remington works as a professional motion designer with a focus on 2D and 3D character animation. He’s worked for brands such as Facebook, Audi & Spotify. Currently focused on creating educational content and resources for the Motion Design community.

Editorial Creative Director

Irene Rofail

Irene is helping MoGraph Mentor build a strong curriculum and refine our editorial projects. She has her BFA from Ringling College of Art & Design in Illustration.

post-production artist

Kenny Routt

Kenny was hire in April 2020 to help us produce better training videos. Kenny has his BFA from Ringling College Of Art & Design, and does editorial illustration as a freelancer.

post-production artist

Pablo Ortega

Pablo is our newest video editor, but also has a deep background in photography. He helps us edit training material, which is a never ending job here. 

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