Our mission

Creativity is the last frontier. We are dedicated to helping people re-skill, up-skill and launch into the new creative economy. We believe in Mentorship as an alternative to traditional arts education. It’s affordable, it’s personal and when done well can advance your career.

One year of tuition
10x more affordable

We take the best aspects of an art & design school curriculum and pair it with high-impact mentorship.

There are many troubling trends in higher education.

30% of those who enroll in a University will not get past freshman year.*
50% who enter, will never graduate at all.*

The reasons vary from financial hardship to choosing the wrong major. Many students are simply not prepared, or sufficiently interested, to succeed at a 4 year university. Couple these troubling statistics with the biggest problem of all, the accelerating cost of higher education.

Our mission is to help students navigate this new environment by giving them direct access to career professionals who can help guide them as a mentor.

*Sourced from National Student Clearing House Research Center

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