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MoGraph Mentor is an online motion graphics school. We offer a 9 month motion design program that provides the training and mentorship needed to create original work and launch your career.
Skip the debt and be mentored by top industry best artists and directors.


Why should you study with us?

Mograph Mentor is an online motion graphics school. We help motion graphics artist focusing on career and portfolio development.
We save you time and money by connecting you to industry professionals. They will work with you to grow your portfolio and skill set.
Our 9 month program is for students who are looking to pursue a full-time career as a motion designer. Our program is 100% online. You can assist it from anywhere in the world.

Motion design program

Master the art of motion design

We’ve taken the best aspects of a traditional Art school curriculum. Condensed it into a 9 month comprehensive program. Our program covers the artistic, technical, and professional skills of a motion designer.

9 Month Motion Design Program

This 9 month motion design program is broken into 3 classes, each running 12 weeks long.
Project based learning where you can apply technical, artistic and professional skills.
You attend weekly live sessions in small group with your mentor. Create original work and build a portfolio that stands out. This program is designed to jumpstart your career in motion design.

– Introduction to Design & Animation
– Art Direction & Creative Execution
– Advanced Production & Techniques

Next semester starts January 20th


Our Mentor Network

When we select our mentors, we’re looking for 3 key attributes. High-level industry experience, strong visual art skills, and silky smooth animation skills. It also helps that they are kind, generous, and supportive human beings. All dedicated to the development of our student body.

2d Animation

Henrique Barone

Handel Eugene
3d Animation & Design

Handel Eugene

Character Anim & Design

Robert Huth

Nidia Dias
Art Direction

Nidia Dias

Bee Grandinetti
2d Design & animation

Bee Grandinetti

Ryan Summers
Creative Direction

Ryan Summers


Want to sharpen your skills?

Our mentors have a diverse skill set across animation, design, directing and illustration. We recorded on-demand workshops to help you specialize. Up your skills with specific techniques and softwares.


What students say about us?

We’ve worked with thousands of students across 70 different countries. Over the years, we’ve learned how to best shape our program to serve the needs of all students. The best part is, we’re just getting started.

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