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We help motion graphics artists learn through project-based courses that focus on career and portfolio development. You’ll study the artistic and technical skills you need to take your portfolio to the next level.
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We've helped thousands of students grow their careers.

We’ve worked with thousands of students across 70 different countries. Over the years, we’ve learned how to best shape our courses to serve the needs of all students. The best part is, we’re just getting started.
The amount of growth I've experienced is staggering. Looking back just a few months, I can already see a huge difference in my work. I not only do things differently now, I think differently. I'm incredibly grateful for Mograph Mentor and all that it has done for me. It's helped open doors for me since day one and I wouldn't be in my current position without them.
Remington McElhaney
California, USA
Mograph Mentor is just the best. I was very unsure about my work and process in general. Now I know what to do and how to do it. I'm proud and very motivated. Thank you Mograph Mentor!!​
Luka Rebello
Mograph Mentor has had a profound effect on every project I have undertaken since starting the course. I use the skills I have learned in this program every day and it has helped me to unlock things I never knew I had inside me.
Roald Seeliger
The mentorship isn't just a bunch of tutorials that you consume, it's basically a real learning experience!
Joseph Mathai
MographMentor didn't feed me the fish - they taught me how to fish!
Dennis Nielsen

Mograph Mentor alumni are hired by top studios and companies.

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