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Classical Animation Workflow & Techniques

A 6 week, live workshop series with Henrique Barone. March 18th – April 22nd.
Tuition is $950. Only 15 Seats Available.

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This course is intended for both students with no previous animation knowledge or experienced After Effects / 3D animators with no experience with frame by frame, who are looking for a fresh motivation or incentive in their careers.

In the first two weeks you will learn about traditional animation principles by studying FX animation and developing an assignment with a fluid shape. In the last two weeks, you will use (and expand) these same principles in a character exercise. This workshop series will challenge you and help you grow as a classical animator.

Henrique Barone

“We will cover lots of technical stuff in these four weeks, but most of all I hope to share my passion for animation and spark the love for frame by frame. We will get to know the process behind it so you can improve your animation abilities and your confidence level with classical animation. I look forward to getting to know you and working with you in this course!”

-Henrique Barone

Course Breakdown

Week 1

Week 1 Planning your shot

  • Flash tools
  • Process overview
  • Using keyframes
  • Animating basic shapes
  • Weight and forces
  • 1st animation challenge
Week 2

Week 2 Breakdowns, inbetweens & charts

  • More on Flash tools
  • Polishing your shot
  • Clean your work
  • Working with charts
  • Key breakdowns
  • 2nd animation challenge
Week 3

Week 3 Breaking down character shots

  • Refining your poses
  • Importance of silhouette
  • Achieving balance
  • Using straights and curves
  • Characters as shapes
  • Character challenge
Week 4

Week 4 Creating anticipation & action

  • Understanding mass & volume
  • Action poses
  • Refining our character shot
  • Dynamic timing & action
  • Overlapping action
  • Final shot discussions
Week 5

Week 5 Staging and Appeal

  • Staging and Appeal
  • Character Construction
  • Posing
  • Line of Action
  • Silhouette
  • Contrasts
Week 6

Week 6 Successive Joints

  • Process
  • Smears
  • Staggers
  • Animation tricks
  • Simple Demo
  • Final Q&A



Take the Challenge

Learn from anywhere in the world thanks to our high quality streaming environment. For this class
Henrique will be working in Adobe Flash, but you may use an alternate frame by frame solution.

Join our global community and let us motivate you to grow your animation skills.

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What to Expect

A unique, small group experience.

Live Demo's & Q&A
Live Demos & Q&A

You will spend a total of 15 hours live with Henrique as he is demoing his process. You will be free to interact and ask questions during the demos, as well as a dedicated Q&A session in each class. This is a great way to ask specific questions and make breakthroughs in your work.


We believe in hands on learning. The only way to become truly great at animation is do a hell of lot of animation. In this workshop series we’re going to ask you to get involved by following along with these assignments. Putting into practice the skills you learn is crucial for long term retention.

Private Slack Group
Private Slack Group

Join our private Slack group and engage 24/7 with your peers on the assignments or other relevant inspiration. An easy way to stay connected throughout the 6 week series and a streamlined system for answering questions and growing your skills.

Weekly Critique
Weekly Critique

Each week you will have a deadline to upload your work for a review. You will receive notes in about the specific ways you can improve your project. With timeline specific notes this will help you to truly refine your timing, posing and overall quality.


Next Available Start Date is Saturday, March 18th

Week 1 – March 18th, 12pm EST

Week 2 – March 25th, 12pm EST

Week 3 – April 1st, 12pm EST

Week 4 – April 8th, 12pm EST

Week 5 – April 15th, 12pm EST

Week 6 – April 22nd, 12pm EST

  • Workshop
  • Assignment Due
  • Critique
Course Schedule



We will accept applications in the order they are received. 15 Seats Max. This is a small group experience. Once the course sells out, you will be added to our waiting list and notified when the next workshop series launches.

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