Mo-Graph Mentor


  • When does enrollment end for each semester?

    We close our open enrollment, two weeks before the start of a semester. Be sure to subscribe to the mailing list to get updates throughout each enrollment period. Semester dates for 2016 will be accounced soon.

  • How much time do I need to commit per week?

    Your weekly live session will run approximately 2-3 hours. Your weekly time commitment for assignments can be anywhere from 7-20 hours. This course is project based, so you will ultimately decide how many hours to pour into each weeks deliverable. But plan on a minimum of 10 hours per week.

  • When will the live classes take place?

    Week nights or weekends. We understand that many of our students have 9-5 commitments, so live sessions are scheduled either after working hours, or on the weekend. Your exact class time will be determined at the start of each semester, based on your mentor assignment.

  • How do mentor assignments work?

    We have an amazing team of mentors who are committing their time and passion to develop your skills. We ask that you be open to an assigned mentor and to embrace what they have to offer you. We don’t currently have a system for every student to choose their mentor.

  • Do I have the same mentor for all 3 classes?

    No. We want to expose you to diverse styles and viewpoints. Each mentor will have something slightly different to offer you, and that’s incredibly positive for your long term development.

  • How do the live sessions work?

    We use a platform called Fuze for the live sessions. You will be on camera, and will see a video feed of your peers and mentor. You will present your progress for the week and receive critique from your mentor and peers. Live sessions also contain organic Q&A where you can discuss specific workflow techniques or concepts with your mentor and classmates. Sessions typically run about 2-3 hours, so bring a drink, a snack and a sketchbook to doodle and take notes.

  • Do you have scholarships or financial aid available?

    At this moment, no. We are a very small institution with only 1 full time and about 10 part time. We are trying to keep the cost of these courses as low as possible. Part of that means, we don’t have the size to offer financial aid. We offer a monthly payment plan to try and disperse the cost of tuition, which brings it down to 4 payments of $499 for a single semester.

  • What if I’m outside of a US time zone?

    We love our international student body and make every effort to accomodate across time zones. We realize that the time change issue is hard for many outside the US. We run class times on US Eastern Time Zone. We attempt to make every accommodation to our international students, but sometimes it means late nights or early mornings for those outside the US. We take this on a case by case basis and do our best to make it work.

  • Do we get student licensing on Maxon Cinema 4d?

    Yes. The lovely folks at Maxon grant MoGraph Mentor students, an educational license on Cinema 4d.

  • Do we get student licensing on Adobe Software?

    At this moment, unfortunately not. You need to bring this with you to the program.

  • Do students receive a certificate when they complete the program?

    No, we don’t hand out certificates. This is about your portfolio and long term abilities. As industry pro’s, our mentors can tell you, your portfolio is the only thing that will assist in finding work and advancing your career.

  • Can I join this program if I have a full-time job?

    Yes! Many of our students have full time jobs and we work around business hours (see time commitment question above). We only ask that you make your course work a priority.

  • Is MoGraph Mentor accredited?

    At this point, No. Accreditation is a long, and very expensive process. We are a small institution focused on serving our student body, and are not going to commit hundred’s of thousands of dollars to get a certificate that says we’re valid. We’ll let our faculty and student work speak for the quality of this program.

  • If I already have experience with motion design, can I jump to Course 2 or 3?

    We have designed this course in a specific order, to cover the most essential concepts first, and then to build on those. If you have previously studied motion media at an accredited institution, we will consider moving you directly into class 2 or 3. We determine this on a case by case basis, please make a note in your application. We strongly suggest taking the classes in order.

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