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“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”—Plutarch

  • 2018 Semesters
  • Spring : Jan 21–April 14
  • Summer : May 20–Aug 11
  • Fall : Sep 2–Dec 1

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Class 1: Introduction to Design & Animation

  • Principles of Design
  • Principles of Animation
  • Visual Communication Concepts
  • Presenting Work
  • Process (Storyboarding, Animatics)
  • Typography Basics

This class is devoted to the foundational building blocks of visual communication. Through a mix of lectures, assignments & case studies we’ll focus on the history and evolution of these disciplines and give you a solid foundation as a visual artist. You’ll engage in a number of assignments to push your understanding of visual communication. Class one will conclude with an 8 week project in which you’ll concept, design and animate a visual campaign.

This 12-Week class is $2199. See our tuition breakdown for payment options.
This course now includes 5 additional E-Courses on design, animation & directing.

Class 2: Art Direction & Creative Execution

  • Achieving Client Objectives
  • Creating Mood/Tone
  • 3D Product Work
  • Animating Functionality
  • Pitching Concepts
  • Art Direction Basics

This class will continue to push your design and animation abilities, as well as introduce you to the basics of art direction. With an emphasis on making strong visual choices in your work, you will engage in a number of projects. Lectures will focus on creative direction and efficient workflow techniques. As you begin to integrate 3D into your work, the goal of this class is push your ability as a visual artist and animator.

This 12-Week class is $1999. See our tuition breakdown for payment options.

Class 3: Advanced Production Techniques

  • Organizing a Film
  • Creative Development
  • Building a Visual Language
  • Advanced Storyboarding
  • Portfolio Building 101
  • Freelance 101

In this class you will tackle your most in depth creative briefs yet. You will engage in extensive creative development, with a focus high quality design and animation. Your thesis project will serve as an opportunity to take your portfolio to the next level. We’ll also focus on professional development. We’ll help you build your portfolio and give you practical actions steps to begin your career.

This 12-Week class is $1999. See our tuition breakdown for payment options.
Graduates of Class 3 get lifetime access to our online campus.

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Why Did We Create This?

Our passion is to see students succeed. We built this 36 week program to give students the opportunity to gain a solid foundation in art and design, without going into long-term debt. Simply put, our passion for student development is what drives us.

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