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{Student Work} Class 01 : Nol Honig : Frame By Frame

In Class 1 we ask students to take 3 weeks to create an animation, with the sole constraint that it must contain a ball character.

This open ended task creates a challenge for students to develop and execute an original concept, while working on their mastery of animation principles. We think the ball is the perfect place for animators to hone their craft.

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{Student Work} Class 01 : Frame by Frame : Travis Krause

We are finishing up the last week of Summer Semester right now, and as we gear up for our Fall Semester (get your apps in now!) we’ll be sharing lots of student work.

Today I want to show you Travis’ frame by frame project. This is the first animation project in Class 01 and it gives students the opportunity to focus on the principles of animation…the perfect starting point for their future assignments.

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New Live Series: Lunch Break

Announcement! Announcement!

We are starting a new live series called Lunch Break.


We want you to come hang with Mograph Mentor while you snack on your mid-day meal. This series is about discussion. Let’s chat all things motion, design, and art. There will be guest appearances, presentations, and reel critiques.

No strings attached. Come and go as you please. We just want you to join in on the discussion!

Stay tuned for more details about the first Lunch Break.

Thanks for the rad artwork Rafael Mayani!

Every young artist needs to hear this

At MoGraph Mentor, we have built a program that focuses primarily on traditional principles and leaves software as only a means to an end. We don’t spend much time geeking out on everything software packages can and can’t do.

This format comes from a deep belief that software is secondary to craft.

These words from the brilliant John Lasseter, president of Disney and Pixar Animation Studios, ring true.

Every young artist needs to take this to heart.

{Placement Partner} Charlie Matz : CEO VeracityColab

MoGraph Mentor wants to do more than just educate and inspire. We have worked hard to put structures in place that will foster opportunities for our students. Our Job Placement Program, sounds much fancier than it actually is. Simply put, we connect our students with the people who need their skills.

We’ve partnered with ad agencies, production studios, marketing firms & churches to find opportunities for our small community of students.

We recently asked one of our Job Placement Partners, VeracityColab, if they’d give us some insight into who they are, and what type of people they look to bring in.

Veracity has established themselves a full service video agency making excellent content for Google, Adobe, Lenovo, LegalZoom and a long list of other companies.

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{Student Work} Davide Cirrincione : Visual Essay

Davide Cirrincione challenged himself to communicate about a complex issue. Davide had was having an on-going conversation with a friend about the homeless people in his area. It was becoming common that they were being approached and asked for money. They struggled to know the right way to deal with these interactions.

So Davide used his Visual Essay assignment in Class 1, to explore the issue. Here is his final piece.

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5 Things Every Young Motion Designer Should Know

1. There is no shortcut to quality

There is no amount of tutorial watching or plug-in purchasing that will give you a direct line to quality work. All of those amazing pieces of work that you drool over on Vimeo, you know the secret behind all of them? People worked really hard on them. They didn’t follow a tutorial or buy a plug-in that created it for them. There was no easy button that they tapped then grabbed a cup of coffee.

They put their experience, intellect and passion into it, and it probably still fell short of where they wanted it to. They struggled through the bumps in the road (of producing it) and didn’t settle for V2, usually something more like V22.

There is no shortcut because quality is often about depth of concept and execution. It takes time, effort and thought.

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