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New Live Series: Lunch Break

Announcement! Announcement!

We are starting a new live series called Lunch Break.


We want you to come hang with Mograph Mentor while you snack on your mid-day meal. This series is about discussion. Let’s chat all things motion, design, and art. There will be guest appearances, presentations, and reel critiques.

No strings attached. Come and go as you please. We just want you to join in on the discussion!

Stay tuned for more details about the first Lunch Break.

Thanks for the rad artwork Rafael Mayani!

Every young artist needs to hear this

At MoGraph Mentor, we have built a program that focuses primarily on traditional principles and leaves software as only a means to an end. We don’t spend much time geeking out on everything software packages can and can’t do.

This format comes from a deep belief that software is secondary to craft.

These words from the brilliant John Lasseter, president of Disney and Pixar Animation Studios, ring true.

Every young artist needs to take this to heart.

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